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Marriage jewellery is that part of a lady’s look that improves her clothing as well as her beauty and takes it to another level. Marriage gems can be made out of different metals or stones like gold, diamond, ruby/emerald studded pieces, silver, and so on. Marriage is special for girls, they have always dreamt of this day. They start looking for designer diamond jewellery from a very young age and keep looking for perfect pieces of jewellery to complete their marriage look. 


Here we have talked about those top Indian wedding jewellery trends for 2021 that can totally uplift your lehenga outfit and leave a beauty mark on your personality. 

Antique temple jewellery 

Question any stalwart South Indian regarding what the best jewels trend in India is and the vast majority of them will say temple gems with a classical completion. Temple gems are intimate and fundamentally made of gold, with valuable stones in red and green. 


A considerable lot of them highlight huge themes of goddesses and will in general be mind-boggling pieces, requiring long periods of work. They look superb when matched with a Kanjeevaram saree and their underlying foundations can be followed back to the regal Chola realm.

Diamonds can never go out of fashion!

The trend of diamonds in India has been pressing onward for years. It’s a status symbol to wear precious diamond jewellery for the wedding. Ladies today decide to wear jewel necklaces and hoops for their gathering when the play of light is amazing against the diamond stones. 


Assuming you need to go in for precious stone adornments, pick fragile designs that you can even wear to others’ weddings as opposed to extremely luxurious ones that you would need to store in the storage after your wedding.

Double-Stranded Heavy Necklaces

The Nizams of Hyderabad were renowned for their twofold pearls and it seems as though this 2018 Indian gems trend is trending again. One thing’s without a doubt when you’re wearing one of these, you don’t need to stress over whether anyone has seen your costly set. In any case, you would have to restrain the number of jewels you’re going to wear otherwise the impact would be nothing. Try to focus on getting the ideal mark piece on the off chance that you love chains.

Big lavish rings 

The Indians have always been so extravagant and filled with shimmer. They love to wear big and lavish pieces of jewellery. They like to show their wealth and status with big jewels, whether it’s a heavy necklace, big Kadas, or huge rings. One big diamond-studded ring or a trio engagement ring for women; everything looks elegant with your wedding lehenga. 

Cocktail rings 

Without a doubt, cocktail rings have been around since 2014 and can be spotted on young ladies at different events and one can wear a truly attractive ring anywhere. One reason why Indian ladies love cocktail rings could be on the grounds that they add style in an unobtrusive manner and when worn on a carefully manicured hand, the outcome is more than eye-pleasing. The more mind-boggling the design, the more memorable the ring.

Maharani style necklaces 

Propelled by the traditional and antique designs; these complex Maharani neckband takes so much time to get ready. They are an ideal mix of style and custom. This beaded and antique set serves a designed style. Necklaces are an essential piece of marriage wear and this would give you a gigantic sensation of being uncommon on your most unique day.

Matha Patti

You wear a Matha Patti on your forehead. It is quite popular in India to wear this otherwise your bridal look doesn’t complete. Mathapati is something that you wear only on your wedding day; so it’s best if you rent it rather than buying it. 

Chand Bali

These moon-shaped earrings have been taken from Mughals. The royal highnesses of Mughals used to style their Anarkalis with these Chand Balis. You can even buy it and can wear it at somebody else’s wedding. They are simple yet classy. 

To sum up:

You can buy these diamond jewellery online from a reputable store and believe it, these styles are evergreen so you don’t have to worry about whether they’re available in the store or not. 


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