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It’s been a long time since all of us had a romantic candle light dinner or a fancy dinner in a high-end place as the lockdown was hitting us all pretty hard. So what can we do to make up for all those gloomy evenings? Well, we can buy a beautiful lantern that will change our whole outdoor area’s look. Such ambient will not only change your simple dinners into an evening worth remembering but it will also make your place illuminated with the vibe of joy and love. No matter if you want a pick for your garden, terrace or the balcony, we have sorted it all out. You can go for floor lanterns to place on your patio decking, table lantern for making your sittings more romantic and snap worthy or the hanging lanterns to suspend from your favorite garden tree. If you live in Bahrain, then use danube voucher code offered at couponbahrain.com to save on such picks. Here comes our list.

Solar Garden Porto Lantern:

This lantern is made from coatings of charcoal powder and its metal is strong enough to last for years. It uses solar power so there will not be much fuss to deal with while even on cloudy days, it offers almost 7 hours of illumination. If you want a perfect glow in your outdoor area without having to deal with a lot of mess, get this one.

Migala Golden Wall Lantern:

Before discussing anything, let’s discuss its structure. This is a pure piece of art. It is made in a complex shape which will not only look lovely in day but will also add a touch of classiness to your ambient at night by using its shadow. Also has a fine quality finish of brass and glass. It is the best staple to have in any contemporary garden.

Large Outdoor Slatted Canberra:

This lantern is as gorgeous that we might keep staring it each day. It has cylindrical shape of a bird cage and its radius gets shrinking towards the top. It has space in the middle to place an actual candle and this is available on really low price for Bahrainis if they used danube voucher code available from couponbahrain.com on purchase.

Partners John Lewis Holder:

Yes, you guessed it right. This is a candle holding lantern and comes without a candle so that you can get to decide if you want a scented candle a long or wide one. This golden think metal striped cage lantern is perfect to light your day and nights. All you have to do is to place your favorite candle in it and you are set to shine.

Outdoor Lantern Bundle Malvern:

What is better than one lantern? Of course it’s a set of two. This set offers hinged doors and can be used as floor lantern, table lantern or a hanging one depending on your requirements. Want to b buy? Don’t have enough budgets? Well, you can use danube voucher code given at couponbahrain.com and get in your budget easily.

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