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Having a job is a huge blessing, and at the same time, it is a huge responsibility. The same thing applies to being a mother. Now, combine the two, and you get a working mom! Without a shadow of a doubt, being a working mom is a blessing that entails one of the biggest human duties. It’s never easy. It’s never simple. Exhausting? Challenging? Back-breaking? Triple yes! Nonetheless, the life of working moms can be extremely rewarding for those who know how to manage and balance everything for themselves and for their families. 

From the house to the office, to the store, or to the field, there’s no dead air when it comes to errands. Working moms are busy beyond words! If you’re one of them, you’re earnestly nodding for sure. The workload is no joke. Mom missions are a lifestyle. Sometimes, things get stressful, and some people become stressors! Everyone knows all these are part of life, including tough situations and tiring moments, but still, you should not forget to rest and spend real time with your family. 

Traveling with your family is one of the awesome bonding activities that will let you set aside the ‘working’ portion of your ‘working mom’ role, so you can just enjoy your full-on mom time with your beloved spouse and kiddos. You yourself can unwind, recharge and relax while enjoying a wonderful trip with your best squad. Remember, this is important because you need a breather from work, and you and your loved ones need to catch up too. 

Now, deciding to travel seems difficult for some working moms because traveling requires a lot of time, and time is so crucial at work. However, it does not have to be burdensome. You can actually handle your trips well even when you’re an in-demand working momma. How? Here are 7 handy tips for working moms traveling with the family. 

1 – Don’t think that traveling is a waste of time.

Start off with a positive outlook towards traveling. Your mindset about traveling as a working mom is the first thing to shape or fix. Why? Because a lot of people, especially those employed and those business-minded ones, hold onto their life motto that says, ‘Time is money,’ thus, they say that they won’t waste any time from doing anything that’s outside their work. They believe that this is the key to achieving their wealth goals fast. 

But hey, mom, don’t think that traveling is a waste of time. You’re not just a working person but a mom. You need pauses because your tasks aren’t a piece of cake. Giving yourself space for rejuvenation and reflection is very important for a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy life. Traveling isn’t a waste of time if it means being able to collect yourself together, care for and love your overall wellness.

Furthermore, traveling with your family will never be worthless. In fact, it’s a gem that every family member will cherish and recall forever. Amidst your busyness, being able to travel with your family is a golden opportunity to bond and enjoy each other’s company along with the beautiful sights and atmosphere of the places you visit. It’s a magnificent time to weave memories together with your dearest people.

Time is running forward swiftly. Age isn’t going backward. You, your parents, are getting old. The kids are growing up. Soon, the little ones will get busy in school and in their personal interests. Some things will change, so even though you’re busy, spend time with the whole family. Traveling together is never a waste of time because you’re sharing something that cannot be taken back. It’s never dull because you’re doing it with your family.  

2 – Thoroughly plan your trip.

Planning family trips is fun and exciting, but it’s not easy, especially when family members are independent grownups and busy adults already. Still and all, as working moms wanting to travel with the whole troop, prioritize making thorough travel preparations.

Spontaneous travels are awesome, but well-planned trips are best for working moms. Because every second is valuable for you, organizing your rare family getaways will help you maximize your time. In that way, you can get the most out of your days off from work.    

Gather with the family. Talk about your travel destinations and the activities that will make your trips terrific! Look them up to see their latest updates for travelers. From there, decide your best location choices. Consider babies and/or elders in the family, if any, because you must choose travel itineraries that will be accessible to all. 

Importantly, discuss everyone’s personal schedules, so you can match the travel dates with each other’s availability and preference. Make sure all members will agree and will be in attendance on that date/on those dates you’re eyeing on. Especially you, working moms, see to it that you’re free on the day/s of your family trip.

3 – File your vacation leave early.

Speaking of being free, some working moms cannot easily get off work because of numerous assignments. If you’re one of them, well, you’re familiar with not being able to just take vacation leaves as often or as conveniently as you want to. That’s especially when you’re the head of a certain project or when your duties are your specialties, so you can’t just entrust your job to others.

Knowing that case, you should be smart enough to file your vacation leaves a few weeks or months before your targeted travel dates. If you do that, you can adjust your undertakings and reject work requests which fall on your period of vacation leave. On the other hand, if non-negotiable work affairs exist, then you will still have a lot of time to choose another date for your trip.

Note that advanced filing of your leave requests will help you get rid of last-minute hassles at work, at home and on your travels.

4 – Leave reminders to your housekeepers.

As working moms, your home is your major concern. Beyond your agenda at your work, house matters are on top of your first and main to-do list. Wherever you go, you can’t just forget about your house. Being the responsible mom that you are, no matter how busy you may be at work, you can’t last a day without checking on your dwelling.  

Similarly, you’re concerned about the house’s state even when you’re on a family trip. To keep you calm and your fun family time undisturbed, leave reminders to your housekeepers on taking care of your abode while you’re away. If they have been your trusted housekeepers for years already, then you can count on them because they fully understand your instructions and know the do’s and don’t in your house. 

Moreover, leave directives to your housekeepers if ever you’re expecting work-related deliveries, telephone calls or guests at home. Keep them and your house safe by giving them complete detailed guidelines.  

5 – Inform your workmates and clients of your days off.

It’s irritating and frustrating when you’re receiving work calls and messages during your days off. That is especially when you have no choice but to answer them and attend to whatever the people contacting you need. These are interruptions that working moms usually encounter while on a family trip. 

To prevent these distractions, inform your workmates and clients that you will be on a vacation break, so they will know that you won’t be able to go to the office or store and that you won’t be doing any work for the meantime. Tell them, so they’re aware and they won’t expect your quick responses as you’re busy but with your family this time. They will understand and respect your time off with your family.  

6 – Make sure your booked accommodation is the best!

You don’t travel only to sleep, so choosing just any hotel accommodation is what some people suggest due to affordability. However, keep in mind that if you’re going for that, don’t let quality and comfort suffer!

Even when your hotel accommodation will most likely be for your baggage, short daytime rests, and nighttime sleep only, meaning you will stay longer outdoors because it’s a trip, make sure you book the best one for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must be clean, well-ventilated, and spacious enough for the family. What’s more, essential establishments should be accessible from the hotel’s location.

7 – Avoid using your mobile gadgets unnecessarily.

Keep your eyes and hands off mobile gadgets unless needed for communication and documentation. Make it a family trip rule! Live in the moment. Be mentally present. Without the hindrance of cellphones, social media and video games, you will enjoy it to the fullest! You go on a family trip to bond and relish the special time, so give it your all!



Being a working mom is taxing. By dissecting the two roles existing in this title, you will truly realize how it’s not for the weak. That’s why you, working mamas, deserve ease and rest too. And that doesn’t have to be merely sleeping to be able to rest. Traveling with your family is also a way of solace and refreshment for you. To spend time with your most precious persons is to have a break from the noisy and busy world of work. You wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

Kudos to all awesome moms out there for being their family’s purest form of love! You make the world a better place. Regardless of whether you’re working outside, managing a business or staying at home to care for the family, you, mothers are all priceless and irreplaceable. Your sacrifices are incomparable, and your lives are living proof of God’s greatness. You deserve every love and appreciation. Without good mothers, there’d be no good sons and daughters.  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales which provides a rewarding stay and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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