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These promotional dynamics can not only optimize your interaction ratio but also help you to maximize your customer base. Social media Profiles are great for building your brand and reputation. where everyone wins your followers will get a prize or benefit, and you’ll get what you set as a goal. Like Increase, your followers, gather information, or consolidate your brand image.

We show you the main benefits you can run sweepstakes and contests on social media networks like Instagram Contest marketing.

  1. Brand image improvement

To generate new followers on social media, the primary objective of creating a unique promotional action is to create. Greater visibility for the brand is important to promote the brand to new users and to reinforce its presence among existing customers. A reminder of a brand’s name at the right moment can make a difference in a buyer’s decision.

With the proper implementation of the right strategies, you can achieve the same success as before with television ads or continuous insertions of advertisements in the printed press. Promotional activity on social media networks, however, at substantially lower prices.

  1. Recruiting users to your database

You can propose your giveaway or contest through an application that collects the data about your potential customers you can even get their segmentation Using filter questions to collect this data, you can then use email marketing to market your products. Your potential clients will see that you are offering a prize in return for their personal information.

If your promotion action is intended to increase your database’s volume, you must adapt your approach. Legal bases the data protection regulations you must do so, or you will be denied permission to send commercial information.

  1. Promotion of your products and services

You are seeking to promote the launch of a new product/service your best friend is the raffle, so your users can win it. Users will be more interested in a situation where they have the chance to win something than if it is a commercial communication. It’s easy to see how people are more likely to discover the health benefits of the current healthy drink if it is presented as a trivia game or trivia than if they spend 10 minutes reading about it.

You can also offer your followers the opportunity to become viral if you want your promotion to go viral. The first person to use the product or service is the winner. It will work best if the pitch aligns with the interests of your audience.

  1. Increase in followers

Social networks are used by many people to find information. Your social media profiles are the perfect channel to share all news and information about your brand with your followers. The best part? The more people you follow, the more customers your messages reach. This critical mass can be increased by using other tools in addition to organic growth.

You can give your followers a boost by launching a contest. As long as the prize is appealing, it’s a good way to get people to follow your page. followers’ popularity of your brand on social media. These promotional dynamics are particularly suitable for those companies that are starting to establish a foothold on the market.

  1. Loyalty to your community

Consumers have found that comparisons of products are a great tool to find the best deals and lowest prices in an environment where they can access unlimited information. This creates fierce competition. It is why it is so important that companies are aware of this. Retention of as many customers possible not only that but also to convert them into brand prescribers.

You can help your page by giving out discount coupons and running a raffle with those who already follow you. Reward the loyal followers of the brand and strengthen the relationship between the company-user. Customers must be given recommendations before purchasing a product. The most loyal customers will speak highly of your brand and not hesitate to do so.

  1. Traffic to your site is key

It could be that you just released it, or that you want to increase the number of people visiting your corporate page. You can also use social media contests and sweepstakes to help. Many promotional strategies can be used.be integrated with web visits, for example, you might ask your contest participants to locate something hidden in your pages.

You also have the option for the user to choose the product that he would like to win from the products in your online shop. Or you can ask a question which can only be answered by going to the internet.

While the purpose of a visit to your website is to participate in the contest, the users will most likely take advantage to tour the news section or other sections of your online store. Even those brief visits could lead to a sale.

  1. Learn from your followers what they think

Apart from being able to capture your personal information for email marketing campaigns, sweepstakes, and contests on social media can also be very helpful.

You can also give users more chances to win the prize by sharing the raffle with their friends. This will allow you to quickly distribute the content at very low costs and make the content viral. Several high-value opinions on your products and services.

To ensure that a promotion action meets the objectives set and is successful, many factors need to be properly defined. These include the creativity used, the mechanics of the contest, the prize chosen, the legal bases, or the technological means we use.

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