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Any house owner’s dream is a mansion located at the favourite spot with a luxury garden and a beautifully designed interior. A garden is a feature that enhances the overall look of the building and is a site of contemplation. It is an important destination where the friends and family meet together and have fun times together. A garden with the water features looks better than a lawn, left alone.

Read this article to know different luxury ideas to make a marvellous renovation to the garden. Share these ideas with the interior designer and choose the best suitable.

Top Garden Ideas of 2021

Explore these garden designs to get inspired.

  • Cosy Seating Area

The seating area is crucial in a garden as an element to sit together and as a hallmark. The distinct spaces in the lawn can be utilised for this purpose. Divide these spaces for specific goals so that the designer can include multiple design ideas in a garden. A dining table on the deck and a seating area on the corner of the lawn can enhance the yard’s look. If the owner is a book lover, set a reading nook in the garden.

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  • Water Features are Pleasing

There is nothing more pleasing than seeing small ponds or fountains in the middle of the garden. It improves the inmates’ mood no matter how bad the day is. It also creates an indispensable ambience. Contact a reputed dealer in Australia to purchase the perfect fountain matching the garden. Here are some water features to consider for the extravagant gardens:

  • Laguna Round Solar Fountain
  • Scottsdale Cascading Nature Fountain
  • Andora Twisted Abstract Fountain
  • Escapada Solar Fountain
  • Monalisa Abstract Water Fountain


  • Utilise Spaces as Paths

Garden is also meant for movements, so it is essential to utilise space for building paths. Loose stones or pavers can be used for this purpose. Pavers are available in different colours and textures now. Use high-quality material for routes to maintain it for the long term.

  • Private Setting

Do not forget to consider privacy for the garden. Build a privacy fence around the park. For this purpose, you can use high-end vinyl fences or some beautiful decorative fence panels that would suit your taste. Use creativity to make fences more interesting.

  • Choose Outdoor Furniture With the Help of the Designer

A luxury garden has a variety of furniture in it. Most people use yard spaces to put furniture, but it would be better if this furniture were chosen with the help of an interior designer. Be sure this furniture is attractive but, more importantly, durable. It should also match with the entire look of the building.


Use lighting wisely and efficiently so that it highlights the building. Not every corner needs lighting in a garden. So it looks nice when kept in the dark. Make use of energy-efficient lighting in the deck stairs and pergola.

  • Consider Deck and Patio

Maintain the deck in the garden undamaged and completely clean to improve the entire look of the park. Repair if there is any crack in the patio. Leaving splintered wood in the garden ruin the positive vibe there.


Pergola is the attraction of a garden from older days itself. It is becoming a trend in Australia to build a pergola on the exterior. It can be used as a shade and also as a dining room.

Consider these ideas and bring high standards to the home!

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