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Life nowadays has taken the path of online. Today, every traditional market has its branch or competitor in the digital medium. Therefore, your robust digital presence plays a significant role in improving and promoting your business. Now, this digital marketing or online business has many aspects to ensure proper marketing. One of these things is SEO, which is one of the most critical aspects of increasing your business’s profit margins. 

SEO or Search engine optimization can be referred to as a set of rules for optimizing your business website to rank higher in search engine results. This increases your brand visibility and promotion, enhances your organic traffic, and finally increases your conversion rates.

Now, SEO is evolving with time. Earlier, SEO was mainly based on keywords, and using them appropriately in your content or metadata will lead to higher rankings. Today, SEO requires understanding the keywords through high research and analysis, writing topic-based extended content, building webpages that are mobile friendly and have lower loading time, using paid ads to enhance search results, etc. 

But every necessary thing is not so easy to learn. As proper SEO can bring many things back on track, not properly learning SEO can doom your business. Also, there are lots of things that can go wrong in SEO. NYC SEO expert says that the SEO system is tricky as you can’t hide your mistakes; data analysis will show everything. There are hundreds of keywords to reach for, metadata tags, on-page optimization and off-page optimization to look after, all of which make this process cumbersome. Even people getting adequate knowledge from SEO courses and professionals can make mistakes while dealing with SEO.


8 Silly but Harmful SEO Mistakes Even Professionals Make –


  1. Not having a proper SEO plan- Sometimes, professionals go by emotions and not a strategy. They set out on the road trip but forget to take a map with them. The important thing about SEO optimization is to have a proper plan and strategy- you should follow and keep in account rankings, performance, and competitor’s progress, which all improve your market profit.
  2. Not using Goggle analytics or search console- Google analytics is one of the most critical software that significantly helps to monitor your performance. It gives an idea about how much traffic your SEO campaign is driving, demographics and how long viewers are sticking to your page. But sometimes, even professionals forget to use this tool due to the presence of so many tools online. There are complex and hard-to-use tools, and sometimes professionals like some specific tools while ignoring others. 
  3. Wrong keywords optimization- You already know how much importance keywords play in ranking your website. The basics of SEO lies in proper keyword research and execution. Sometimes even professionals confuse the use of global keywords, generic keywords, broad keywords and keywords that bring visitors looking only for free information. 

They also have to check for keyword volume, CPC, PD and SD. According to a few NYC SEO experts, instead of using long-tail famous keywords, using small specific service bound keywords can increase your traffic as that small keyword will narrow down your quality visitors. 


  1. Not giving importance to audience search intent- The main focus of utilizing Seo is to provide users relevant and accurate information. While dealing with Seo, many professionals fail to understand the buying intent of the audience. They prefer to change or update the quality of services according to the needs of the business instead of what the audience wants. Observe the historical and real-time data of your audience in the market. 
  2. Overlooking mobile traffic- You already know how much importance mobiles hold in your life. If professionals do not emphasize making the website mobile-friendly, they might be throwing your money. Google always favours mobile friendly and optimized websites. Improve your website speed on loading times for videos or pictures to improve quality in the mobile version. 
  3. Not using Internal links- Make sure that your sources are being cited with high-quality links. In the hope of increasing clicks, maybe you are compromising chances of tailoring your anchor text. Not using internal links may cause a decrease in your SERP position. 
  4. Poor formed content- There is a reason why so many businesses hire SEO agencies for their business. One of the main reasons is to improve content for their website. If you repeatedly use old, outdated content without modifications and relevance, Google will automatically reject your page over time. Many professionals write 1-2 good content and hope these will do the magic. 
  5. Not having proper title tags and leaving no follow command- Sometimes, professionals leave the business’s name on every webpage and content, which hamper their SEO progress. Having unique title tags and meta descriptions always boost your search results rankings. Another mistake includes using a non follow command meta tag in the header section and then blocking that command. 



So you can see even though there are many established SEO professionals in the market; still, they can do a variety of mistakes. Only a few people can execute SEO optimization without falling into the trap of any faults. Hence, to improve your search rankings and business profit, don’t make these mistakes and analyze your SEO plans properly.


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