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Statement jewelry pieces are a great way to accentuate your simple outfits. They instantly uplift your appearance and transform you from casual to classy. But knowing how to wear and choose statement jewelry to flaunt your best look is perhaps a tough job. So, be sure to check our guide on how to wear statement jewelry to stand out from the crowd.

Outfits to Wear with Statement Jewelry:

You can choose to wear statement jewelry with any outfit but generally, it is good to coordinate it with simple outfits. A cocktail ring with a plain shirt and jeans can add unexpected drama or a simple black dress with a bold pendant necklace can pull off a very stylish look. Bold, dramatic jewelry with simple ensembles helps create a cohesive look. It enables your jewelry to act as a focal element and do not compete with your clothing. So, as a rule, you should go for simple clothing designs and patterns to wear with statement jewelry.

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1. Statement Necklaces:

When putting up a statement necklace, make sure to consider your dress’s neckline and the length of the necklace you are going to wear. Snug-fitting statement pieces can be worn higher on your neck with a partly open shirt to strike a stylish look. Alternatively, long pendant necklaces can be worn with simple tees to sparkle up your outfit. Also, experimenting with necklace layering against a V-neckline dress can add a whole lot of interest.

2. Statement Earrings:

If you are wearing statement earrings then you do not need to wear any other jewelry. Statement earrings alone are enough to lend you a charismatic appeal. They tend to drive attention and if you try to pair it with any other statement jewelry then it might appear distracting.

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3. Statement Rings:

Cocktail rings serve best as statement pieces. Being bigger and bolder these rings add drama to your hand. If you are wearing a statement ring then it is better to avoid heavy bracelets or bangles. Moreover, you can also consider wearing two or more cocktail rings to lend unique appeal to your hand. But make sure to use the right combination of shapes, colors, and styles. There is also an option of stacked ring sets which you can wear to add a whole lot of interest to your overall outfit. Also, make sure whatever style statement ring you choose goes well with your outfit.

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A Quick Sneak Peek into Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Statement Jewelry

  • Wear a single statement piece at a time.
  • Ensure your statement pieces coordinate well with your attire.
  • Make sure your statement jewelry makes you feel comfortable.
  • Opt for statement pieces that compliment your personality.

Most of the popular statement jewelry pieces feature gemstone highlights. The gemstone detailing lends a delightful appearance to jewelry and can uplift even the simplest of outfits.

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