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On-Screen Evaluation System for Answer Sheet Checking Advantages

If you are a teacher then you would be completely aware of the painstaking process that is involved in the pre and post-examination process. At first, the setting of the examination papers wherein each subject teacher dedicates time to prepare questionnaires as per the syllabus and material taught. Thereafter the students are to appear for the examinations under the invigilation of particular teachers. 

Then comes the momentous task of going through every answer sheet and marking it as per the evaluation procedure. This is followed by preparing the final report card which reflects the marks that are allotted to the students. In between this, the students have the liberty to ask for their answer sheets to get re-examined as they are not satisfied with the marks they have got.

Henceforth the teacher again needs to re-assess the answer sheets and ensure if there were any errors while checking it in the first place. This whole process does not only take a considerable amount of time but also it is a tedious task. This particular problem can be effectively curtailed if any online assessment tools would help to accelerate the whole process faster. 

The onscreen evaluation system is one such software that makes it easier to conduct the post-examination process smoothly and here are some of its major advantages: 

1: Auto-Scanning of Answer Sheets

As opposed to manually checking the answer sheets which would take a lot of time, the teachers can scan the answer sheets and then, later on, check them. He or she is not required to take the sheets with them as they check the sheets from any location after logging into the system.  

As per the guidelines and protocols, the examinee’s identity information like name, roll number, etc needs to be kept hidden which can also be done via the system. 

2: Evaluating the Answer Sheets Online

It should be noted that since online education has taken precedence in the last two years or so, the online proctored exams have also received equal significance. At the same time ensuring to check the answers sheets manually has become harder hence the online software can help to evaluate the answer sheets faster. 

There are integrated options such as ‘’correct sign’’, ‘’incorrect sig’’, ‘’assign marks for answer’’, ‘’undo operation’’, ‘’add comments’’, etc which furthers in automating the evaluation process. 

3: The Auto Calculation for the Final Marks

Reading the answers then assigning marks individually to each of them followed by calculating the total number of marks against the full marks. As an examiner, this might require you to spend a longer amount of time, keeping in mind the compulsory and optional questions. The system on the other hand takes into consideration the best performance of the students.

Accordingly, the system proceeds to auto-calculate the total depending on the marking scheme and question paper pattern. By doing so the teacher or the examiner whoever is checking the answer sheets can avoid the manual process which can take a longer time. 

4: Generating the Score Card

Manual score calculation followed by putting it in the final grade card can be exhausting and time-consuming. Thanks to the automated system! It can calculate the marks followed by generating the mark sheets in an accelerated manner. 

An added advantage of the system is that the teacher can export the result in excel format which can further be sent to any result-generating solution. 

5: Reviewing of Answer Sheets 

Most of the colleges and universities allow the students to review their answer sheets upon the declaration of the final marks. This is their chance to weigh in about the way the examiner has evaluated their answer sheets, in such cases the administrative staff needs to locate the answer sheet and give a photocopy of it to the respective student. 

An onscreen evaluation system can efficiently do this task without the student having to go through this prolonged administrative hassle. The particular student is just required to place a request to review his or her answer sheet and the administrator would then assign ‘’View Access’’ to the student. 

In conclusion 

Examinations are an integral part of the learning outcomes as it helps to keep track of the academic performance of the students. But the post-examination process is so time-consuming that it becomes difficult to maintain; an on-screen evaluation system provides real-time monitoring of answer scripts along with assured reduction of administrative errors. 



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