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Nothing in life comes easy. You have to go through hardships to achieve what you desire in life. Similarly, while practicing yoga, you will face a lot of troubles that will be put many hurdles in your practice. All these troubles have been mentioned in a great deal in yoga philosophy. Yoga masters have gives Antayas or 13 obstacles of yoga that you should be aware of so that you can get rid of them.

With that said, let’s have a brief understanding of various obstacles of yoga that might hinder your yoga practice. Read on.

Different Obstacles of Yoga


Any physical ailment that falls on you comes under Vyadhi. Therefore, you won’t be able to practice any yoga pose if you are sick or injured. It signifies the importance of physical health and why you should work towards the prevention of illness and sickness.


When a person feels apathy towards his or her responsibilities or tries to run away, that comes under the Styana obstacle. Thus, it talks about avoiding excuses so that you remain on the track of yoga practice for life.


Doubting your potential or thinking about yourself as unworthy of anything in life is what Sanshaya deals with. Hence, you should get rid of self-doubt and have faith in what you can achieve without fear of failing in life.


Lack of persistence or bearing a careless attitude towards life is what Pramada deals with. You learn various skills to remain consistent with your practice. Not just that, this obstacle talks about how not to disrespect what you do in life, whether it is yoga practice or anything else. The aim is to be persistent with your practice, no matter what.


Sloth or feeling lethargic can be very dangerous for your yoga practice. It does not allow a person to move his or her body and master different skills. Hence, it is one of the obstacles of yoga that almost every yoga practitioner goes through in his or her life.


When a person indulges too much in pleasurable things, it leads to various issues. Whether you aimed to practice Kundalini yoga or yoga for upper back pain, you will shift from your goal. In short, pleasure creates a veil on your physical and mental eyes that do not allow you to be consistent with your practice. 


When you assume things long before getting into the deep waters, you form a false vision. It could be dangerous for your yoga practice. For instance, you might consider yourself an excellent yoga practitioner whereas you might not even have explored the field. So, it leads to a false vision or assumption about yourself.

Alabdha- Bhumikatva

Leveling up is equally important to remain on the right track while practicing yoga. In short, when you are not progressing that means you are doing something wrong. It could be due to poor strategic practice or lack of encouragement that will lead you towards a darker future.


Instability in life will never help you become a great master of your trade. This could be inconsistent or poor yoga practice on your end. So, you should be aware of this obstacle in your life to achieve greater heights in your life.

The above-mentioned were the nine main obstacles of life. Apart from them, there are four more that play a vital role in your life. Check out them to have a complete understanding of the diverse obstacles of yoga.


Sorrow or pain in life is a great obstacle to yoga. You never get time to think about something else than your pain.


Depression is a painful experience that hampers your life and does not let you explore the various dimension of your life. Moreover, it is a great hurdle in your yoga practice.


Shivering body parts are again a great obstacle of yoga that you should work on. It will hamper your practice and will put a barrier in progressing from beginner to advanced level.


Mental agitation leads to irregular breathing cycles. That disrupts the flow of your breath and yoga practice.

Wrap Up

Obstacles or difficulties will always be there. You should learn to get past them. For that, you can join various spiritual healing courses in India or join a yoga teacher training course. Over time, you’ll become a diligent yoga practitioner and will move one step closer to your goal in no time.

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