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Anti-wrinkle injections are anti-ageing products, which aims to slow down or reduce the appearance of facial lines. This product is an excellent alternative for women who are seeking a more juvenile look without having to undergo surgery for wrinkles removal. It is also a great alternative when you can’t afford cosmetic surgery. Here are some benefits of undergoing shot treatments.

1. Restores Volume in Lips

The shot is injected into the lips to restore the volume lost over time. This product is mostly used in cases of smokers or continuous lip-licking habits that result in thinning lips. A collagen-based anti-wrinkle injection restores the fullness of your lips, making them plump and luscious like when you were young.

2. Correction of Facial Wrinkles

These products are jabbed deep into facial lines to correct them without undergoing surgery, thereby avoiding any possible side effects. They not only save your money but also provide more natural results than surgeries.

3. Enhances Cheeks Contour

You can enhance your cheekbones with an anti-wrinkle injection, providing a slimmer, more sculpted appearance by drawing attention to the centre of your face. Cheek augmentation is one of the most common wrinkle injections performed on patients seeking facial rejuvenation.

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4. Improves Your Face Shape

You’ll appear slimmer and more attractive just by having your face contour enhanced, making you achieve a more oval-shaped look. Anti-wrinkle shots are injected into specific areas of your face to reshape it without having to undergo plastic surgery which may result in an artificial appearance.

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5. Reduces Under Eye Bags

Under-eye bags are caused by skin sagging around the area, so injecting anti-wrinkle products here helps in reducing them significantly; however, multiple jabs are required for best results. Another alternative is to have eye bag removal done through surgery, but this may cause some side effects. If you don’t mind needles, you’ll get faster results at a fraction of the cost.

6. Corrects Crow’s Feet Lines and Deep Wrinkles

Anti-wrinkle shots can help in correcting crow feet lines and other deep wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, without any surgical procedures that has a lengthy downtime. The effects last for about 6 months, after which there may be a requirement of maintenance injections. However, multiple treatments may require visiting the doctor more often than if you only visit them once.

7. Enhances Cheek Bones Contour

This is one of the most popular anti-wrinkle injections performed on women who want to enhance their cheekbones. It focuses on drawing attention to the centre of your face, enhancing cheekbone volume, making you look more charming and youthful.

8. Treats Naso-labial Folds and Marionette Lines

These products are very efficient in treating marionette lines and nasolabial folds on your face, reducing the depth of these lines. However, they do not offer very instant results like other injections, such as dermal fillers for lip augmentation, but you’ll notice some changes after a few treatments.

9. Enhances Shaping Properties of your Face

This is one of the most common anti-wrinkle injections procedures performed by dermatologists. It’s a perfect alternative for those who don’t want to experience painful surgery to enhance the structure and shape of your face, providing a more sculpted look. This helps in reducing age spots while enhancing facial features simultaneously with an instant result that lasts for up to 9 months.

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10. Enhances Jawline and Chin Shape

The anti-wrinkle injection helps in enhancing the jawline and chin shape without having to undergo surgery. These injections are very popular among both men and women, especially those who want to get rid of their double chins or an unappealing square-shaped jawline. The effects last for only 6-9 months, so if your goal is permanent chin augmentation, you’ll need a more permanent solution like implants. However, this type of treatment requires multiple visits to the doctor, which can be time-consuming.


You should consult with your doctor before undergoing any anti-wrinkle injections procedure to determine whether it’s right for you because some people may not fit for the procedure. Some medical conditions are also contraindicated for anti-wrinkle injections treatment, so be sure to tell your doctor about any side effects or allergies you may have.

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