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Do you know a conventional massage can help in releasing tight muscles? You read that right. However, when it comes to having a rejuvenating experience, an Ayurvedic massage is something that you should look forward to.

In Ayurveda, a massage has much more to offer than relaxing your body. It could be a medical treatment depending on what are the ingredients used while giving you a massage. With that said, let’s first understand what is Ayurvedic massage. Read on.

Ayurvedic Massage: Introduction

On the superficial level, an Ayurvedic massage deals with your physical body. However, on a deeper level, it removes toxins from your body. Therefore, it moves you towards the alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

Furthermore, an Ayurvedic massage works on creating a sync between your physical and mental dimensions. Thus, you get perfect physical and mental health.

What’s Unique About Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda massage talks about the connection of muscle tissues to the energy points in the body. Thus, these act as various pressure points that are pressed during massaging the body. Hence, it triggers different neurotransmitters in the brain. This sends an electric signal to various body parts that signal them to restore to their natural cycles.

Moreover, it softens the hard muscle tissues and ligaments that leads to an easy flow of energy. In turn, you become energetic, flexible, and mobile over time. Since it has so many benefits, it is crucial to get an Ayurveda massage from a certified person. Thus, make sure you have it from a yoga master having a Yoga Alliance certification.

Important Element of Ayurvedic Massage

Ingredients of different elements used in a massage have a much greater significance than you can imagine. One of the best features of an Ayurvedic massage is its special oil. Take a brief look at different types of oils used in an Ayurvedic massage.


The first thing that is special about such oils is that they are customized as per the yoga doshas of a person. Hence, they reek within your skin that nourishes your whole body through blood. Further, oils contain different herbs to work on different toxins.

One of the most common oils that are used in Ayurvedic massage is Sesame oil. However, it is mixed with various oils that came from almonds, coconut, sunflower, ghee, or different seeds.

Ayurvedic Massage: Types

Let’s have a read about different types of Ayurvedic Massage. Keep reading.


A perfect full-body massage that works on channeling and repairing the tissues of the body comes under this category. Furthermore, it cleanses physical as well as emotional channels in the body. Gentle strokes are used to improve lymphatic circulation.


When it comes to deep tissue massage, nothing comes at par with this type of Ayurvedic massage. Fatty tissue layers are targeted with deep pressure and long strokes. Vishesh massage is more suited to Pitta and Kapha yoga doshas.


When the oil is poured over the head, it is known as Shirodhara massage. This massage is a powerful technique to balance the mind. After the completion of the traditional full-body massage, a stream of oil is poured on top of your head. This calms down the central nervous system and gives a sense of relaxation to your body.


This Sanskrit term means ‘sweat’. In this type of massage, after massaging the body with different oils mixed with herbs, the person sits in a steam tent. However, only the head is kept outside while the body is inside the tent. Thus, your body sweats profusely that leads to physical relaxation. Moreover, it removes toxins from your body.


Garshana can be roughly translated to ‘rubbing’. It is a unique massage that does not involve any usage of oils. Rather, wool or raw silk is used to get rid of the dead skin cells from your body. Furthermore, it helps to exfoliate your oil pores so that your body detoxifies automatically.

Wrap Up

Plenty of yoga practitioners take advantage of Ayurvedic massage to relieve physical and mental pressure. However, not every place is going to serve you the best. Therefore, you should look out for one of the best yoga schools in India to get a deep tissue Ayurvedic massage. In turn, you get a relaxed mind and body.

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