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Are you a new business owner looking for the best possible launch? Then, predesigned open feather flags are your new best friend. Are you opening up a new business requires the right kind of advertising and what better way to tell the world than predesigned open flags

Feather flags have a visibility ratio and send out an appealing message. If you’re planning a grand opening, eye-catching open flags are the way to go. 

Why You Should Order Predesigned Open Flags 

Whether you’re the marketing director for your company or a small business owner trying to quickly and affordable ordering marketing materials, predesigned open flags can work for everyone. So let’s walk through some of the benefits of ordering flags that have been predesigned for your convenience.

A Good Investment

Presedigned feather flags are 10 feet or higher, which is the perfect tool to attract potential customers. You can select from a variety of opens without wasting your time worrying about the design. The message is printed in attractive colors in a single-reverse fashion, making it readable from both sides. Most of all, it can be used indoors and outdoors, tailored to your choice of base for the display. 

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Open feather flags are a one-time marketing investment that draws in steady returns. They can last for years and years if you take care of them properly, which means you can reuse them again and again as necessary. 

Easy to Assemble 

Are you worried about assembling the flag pole kit? Don’t fret because it requires no drills, hammers, or tools. All you need to do is bring the parts together, slide the flag on the pole kit, and voila! All you need are a few minutes to get the job done. Then, while disassembling, remember to follow the same 5-minute protocol, and you’re good to go. 

Plus, if you’re keeping your flag up for more extended periods, you’ll rest assured knowing that once it’s assembled once, you can leave it up and it will stay put together. Our signs are built to last indoors or outdoors, and our bases are sturdy so that you can worry less.

Portability and Lightweight Construction 

Open days can be challenging to plan with a thousand things on your plate. Make it easier for yourself by ordering open flags. The flags and poles are packed in a carrying case, making them portable and lightweight. You can install it whenever, wherever you wish. Install it out front, on the sidewalk, or at the corner of the street.

Moreover, if you order from Lush Banners, you can also get a rotating spike base and a nylon bag for FREE! 

Easy to Wash 

Feather flags are low-maintenance and require primary care. These flags can be washed by hand or on the gentle rinse setting in the washing machine. All your flags will look good as new every single day. 

We recommend that you don’t try to dry them in a dryer as that could cause a lot of wrinkles and might damage the color. Instead, air dry your flags, and they should dry flat and wrinkle-free. Never bleach your flags, though, as you don’t want to ruin the colors.

Season Durability

Predesigned open flags will withstand rain, snow, and harsh sunlight. They are weatherproof and can endure standard weather conditions. 

Investing in your open flags will not disappoint you. The durability makes them cost-effective while also complementing your traditional marketing strategy. 

Key Takeaways 

When you need feather flags fast, then our predesigned open flags are the way to go. They are easy to order and highly affordable for business owners. Our team at Lush Banners has been industry leaders when it comes to flags and banners for more than a decade. So when you choose experts like us, you can expect the highest quality pre-designed feather flags made from only the best materials – all the way to the inks. 

When you’re ready to let your customers you’re open or have new hours, then start with our ready-made “Now Open” flags that are artfully designed and well made. We also have options that say, “Welcome,” “Salon,” “Open House,” “Now Hiring,” and more. So skip the entire process of agonizing over the design and what size to order, and let us do all the hard work for you.

Here’s why you should order predesigned flags from Lush Banners:

  1. It’s quick and easy. There are many beautiful and professional designs to choose from, so no matter the occasion, you’ve got something ready with minimal hassle.
  2. Each flag is made with full color, high definition inks with UV-resistant inks.
  3. You can upgrade our predesigned flags to double-sided or upgrade them to larger sizes. 
  4. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, and you can choose an optional cross base when you need a little extra base support.
  5. Each flag comes with a free rotating spike base and nylon bag.

Do you need open flags for your grand launch but do not have the time to design them? Order premium-quality predesigned flags from Lush Banners right now! 

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