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With the improvement in the technology, we have started to watch movies and series online without the need of stepping out to the theatres or cinema malls. Most of us started subscribing to the streaming services such as Amazon prime, Netflix, or Hot star to watch movies online. But when you wanted to have them without the internet or watch offline, then you need to switch from the above streaming services to the android apps that are safe for you to download some movies or videos. 

Watching movie or cartoons are something that have become the vital part of the day to kill some time during the lockdown. The technology has brought us some of the simple and accessible apps to watch some free movies that allows you to play over the TV offline. So, you can now watch the movies and series without the internet facility from the comfort zone. Install Vidmate and other apps to enjoy watching movies. 

Here in this article, we discuss some of the free movie apps thar are worth downloading from the play store or android mobiles:

  • Bee TV

If you are already a NetFlix fan, then downloading the Bee TV and watching movies won’t be a hard job for you. This is a site where you can watch free TV shows and movies to have a full-time entertainment option. The interface and search feature are user friendly just like other service providers and all you need is to type your favorite movie in the search bar to get it watch following the link it provides. 

  • Tubi

When you don’t find your favorite movies in the NetFlix or on the Amazon Prime, then you must switch to the different and new app. Here the Tubi app is available for you where you can now download special movies and others that are not in the other service platforms. Additionally, the Tubi has a huge collection of free movies and you can watch them over TV and other HD devices. 

  • Vidmate

Here is the most renowned free movie streaming and downloading app where you can now have the option of watching the latest movie and old classics as well. The selection of movies will be quite different from other apps and it is based on the region you are staying in. You will have to download the file from the site and use the service from the app. Install Vidmate for free in your app to enjoy unlimited services. 

  • Viewstar

This is one of the most movie streaming app, that is highly used for watching TV and thus you can watch online as well. Now you don’t have to login or sign up the account to watch online movies anymore, with the simple navigation you can now start viewing the movies. As the app is compatible with any browser, you can now watch movies and flicks to keep you entertained. 

  • Flipps

Here is another app where you can have the ultimate entertainment of watching movies from your smart phone or from TV. From this site you can now only watch them online, but also allows you to download them to watch offline. This app allows you to watch movies when you don’t have internet facility. 


The apps listed above are extremely user friendly and you can watch movies for free. These apps are easy to install in your smart phones without any hidden charges.


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