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Are you planning a December vacation in Europe? And thus, are looking for the best places to travel in Europe in December? Or looking for the list of the top destinations in Europe during winters? Then, find them with our best places to visit in Europe in December.

Lets’ know the best places to visit in Europe in December


Although London faces an off travel season the city is more beautiful in winters. Also, the festive beauty of colorful Christmas markets adds a different charm to the city. Plus, traveling to London during December is one of the most cost-friendly times to visit this city. As the city reduces its traveling cost up to 50% during winters to boost tourism.

Thus, if a tight budget was the issue that was stopping you from taking a flight from USA to London, you know travel here in December. Further, if you are thinking that the Christmas markets are the only attraction in London, reconsider your thought. London is also the of magical skiing resorts, museums, art galleries, and many more tourist attractions. Thus, you can never feel bored for a minute while your stay in London during December.


Prague is our favorite location to visit in December due to its distinct charm from the rest of the destinations. However, the city receives a fine number of tourists in winters they are very less than in summers. So basically, there is no bad time to visit this beautiful city although we love visiting here in winter. This city is beautiful inside out and is the host of the oldest Christmas market in Europe.

Thus, we can say that the city led the way of Europe to host the magical Christmas markets. Further, the Christmas market hosted by the city is also one of the biggest Christmas markets in Europe. And thus, December is the best time to visit the city as you can adore its beautiful Christmas market.


This city is the most popular Iceland’s destination for a December holiday in Europe. Also, this city boasts a heavenly landscape that doesn’t look like a part of this planet. Further, everything about this land is magical including its blue ice and clear sky. Also, this beautiful glacier land is among the coolest places in Europe and you must keep it in mind while visiting here.

Other than this, the popular attraction here in December is the Christmas markets in the beautiful city center. There are ma things that you can do on this beautiful piece of land.


Take direct flights to Germany from USA to land at the host of one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. December is the festive month throughout Europe and this German city is filled with the festive spirit. Thus, if you are feeling low visit here in December to celebrate Christmas with fun. Also, the popular attraction in the city in December is the blinking medieval lights.

Along with this, the soft dusting of the December snow attracts tens of hundreds of travelers to this city. Also, the most popular site of this town is the Nuremberg Cathedral, standing here since the 1500s. Further, the other popular attraction in the city with 100+ shops in it. Moreover, these shops sell everything from colorful candies, chocolates, and the perfect Christmas-themed dresses. Thus, don’t forget to pick up the most colorful one and enjoy a hot chocolate with gingerbread here.


There is no end to Paris’s beauty in December and thus, the city is loved by everyone visiting here. Also, for a city that is famous like Paris, there is no bad time to pay a visit. Especially when the trip is cheaper than the rest of the time of the year. And thus, December is the ideal time to visit Paris for a cheap plus magical holiday.

Moreover, there is a long list of things that you can do in Paris in December. And this list includes visiting Paris’s famous museums, art galleries, and buildings of importance. Further, the other best thing to do in Paris is to pay a visit to the Disneyland theme park. Other than this, spend your time in the city exploring its beautiful cafes and Christmas markets.


No one celebrates festivals better than Austrians and thus this is one of the top locations to stay in December. Also, this town is the perfect place to adore the beauty of the Austrian land during December. Moreover, Bregenzerwald is a paradise for skiing lovers that is popular throughout Europe. Thus, if your Decembertravel plan includes skiing then you should consider visiting here.

Further, this Austrian town has a beautiful clear sky and its land is covered with pearl white snow. And thus, the place looks mesmerizing to many travelers while the 0thers find it very cold.


One of the popular attractions that attract travelers to Sweden is Abisko’s northern lights. Yes, you have heard it right and December is a great time to visit these beautiful lights. If you have always been a fan of the natural light show then consider visiting here in December. Moreover, this Swedish place allows to see you the auroras on a budget.

Thus, if a low budget was stopping you from seeing the Northern lights now you know a way out. Along with this, this town is perfect for people who love the snowy European winters.


This tow is a fancy destination for travelers who don’t believe in fairytales. This beautiful town looks exactly like a part of one or an alien planet. This sleepy village of Europe is heaven for skiers in winters. And thus, everyone from Olympias to beginner skiers visits this town for the best skiing experience. So, no matter at what stage of being a skier you are, you can always visit here to enjoy skiing.

Moreover, the villages of the town are perfect skiing trails for beginners and you can see many practicing here. Besides this, here you can find houses made up of wood giving the town a fairytale vibe. Thus, if you are in love with fairytales then book yourself a cottage for astay.

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