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Customers are choosing to flock to online stores these days, and market researchers keep on commenting that this trend shows no signs of quelling down. It is noteworthy that online gifting portals are a large reason behind the growth trends. The digital transformation has revolutionized the process of sending and receiving gifts, and very few customers opt for the hassling process of offline drudgery. Online gifting stores like Oyegifts are adept in creative packaging and give their customers creative choices for personalization and customization. It is understood that the gifting experience is made more special with the inclusion of newer strategies like engravings on boxes, notes with heartwarming declarations and unique quirky gift choices. All of these are done by the online gifting industry with finesse and ease, and the pandemic has definitely contributed to the upsurge of the popularity of the stores.

Quality stores like Oyegifts have improved their customer logistics and they offer the same day delivery option, which is a huge advantage for online shoppers. For example, shoppers can now order their gifts at the last minute without worrying about the schedules. For your loved ones residing in Pune, your gift will reach within the desired time limit.

The allure of flower bouquets

It is true that there are numerous trendy gifts and expensive collections to choose from, but the fact is flowers will always hold a special place in people’s hearts. The aroma of sweet flowers are truly unbeatable, and when it comes to nature lovers, a beautiful bouquet is the best choice for a gift. Flowers are not just temporary exhibitions of beauty, they have been used to convey emotions for centuries. They can be used to celebrate love, convey friendship as well as express condolences. The language of flowers has gained importance in modern society, as people still use various types of blooms to convey their feelings. Indeed, bouquets can be spotted at anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and funerals as well.

Here are a couple of popular choices for bouquets-


Lilies are versatile in nature as they come in many colours. Their uses are also numerous, lilies can be used to express joy at weddings as well as convey sorrow at funerals. Pink lilies are well-known symbols of femineity, and compassion whereas white lilies express the pure and modesty feelings of the sender. Lilies come in yellow too, and this shade conveys joy and cheerfulness.


England’s national flower, the rose, is a crowd-pleaser when it comes to romantic events like Valentine’s Day.  Their sweet fragrance is liked by most people, and roses are a popular choice for expressions of love and passion. They come in a wide variety of colours too and each colour has a different meaning. For example, while red roses are signs of passion, white roses signify purity and innocence, and orange roses are indicators of enthusiasm and passion.


Gardenias are often used by florists while constructing the bouquet and they add charm to the arrangement. These exotic flowers originate in Asia, and they are brimming with personality and beauty. Gardenias are known to be symbols of purity and gentleness. There are a red variety of gardenias too, and they symbolize the secret love that two people have for each other, and it acts as a sign of passion. Knowing the meaning of gardenias are important when you are considering them as gifts.


Iris flowers are often incorporated in a bouquet to beautify the arrangement. Irises have a rich culture and mythology associated with them. In Japan, the iris flower is known for its purifying properties and protective energy. The irises can convey a wide range of meanings from hope, wisdom and courage to admiration. These beautiful blooms come in many colours such as white, yellow and blue.


These yellow and white flowers are also used in bouquets frequently. The most widely accepted meanings behind daisy flowers are purity and innocence, especially if the daisy is white. This symbol of spring is a brilliant addition to bouquets, and they add beauty to spring weddings. It acts as a wonderful message of hope and renewal.


These flowers have different meanings all over the world, and in countries like China and Japan, they are used in the celebration of the New Year. Peonies can act as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Peonies have different shades of red, white and pink. The white peonies can be gifted when you want to apologize to someone, and pink ones can be used without trouble in wedding bouquets. Peony plants can last a long time, and there are some interesting stories associated with the origin of their name.

As we have seen, flower bouquets have an enormous advantage over other gifts as they can be used on a variety of occasions, but knowing which flower to present is also crucial. With a bit of knowledge about the language of flowers, you should be ready for your own online delivery of flower bouquets!

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