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There are platforms and services like CS Cart and the CS cart development services which may be provided either by the company itself or by the third-party service providers which may tend to charge even more heavily than the former option. CS cart and the CS Cart development services are nothing but just a way to ruin your money by getting a delayed service and high-end maintenance demanding features. There are a few other platforms as well named as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, J2Store, Virtuemart, Prestashop, Nopcommerce, Sharetribe, etc. which may be known to you due to excessive marketing they do but what you don’t know will be mentioned in this article.

Shopify and WooCommerce are one of those non-potential eCommerce development platforms which don’t provide the feasibility to add dynamics that could yield a multi vendor marketplace value to the user or to the store owner. If you are one of the subscribers, then you will have to rely on the third-party service providers which come with a hefty amount. A platform like BigCommerce and Sharetribe cribe for making profits from the minimal to minimal feature that could be essential for any store owner to start with an eCommerce store. Almost everything is available in the premium version. Moreover, BigCommerce tends to increase the charge of their features, service, platform, and other resources in a suspicious way without any prior notice while subscription which more often seems to be as a hidden charge. They also tend to increase their charge when the traffic at the marketplace increases irrespective of the fact whether the conversion happens or not.

There are platforms like CS Cart and many of the CS-cart development services which provide minimal or minimal custom support at CS-Cart credits only. Such customer support could be provided for free. Sharetribe only let their subscriber create an omnichannel, PWA compliant model-based eCommerce store when subscribed to their most premium plan. Platforms like Magento demonstrated a lot of compatibility issues between its various versions. Moreover, they still exist and the company has already refused to cater to any inquiry regarding its version 1.0.

Best ECommerce Shopping Cart Software

When looking for Virtuemart, things become more complicated and expensive. No feature to put a restriction on the shipping and billing location is available. Admin with a niche store cannot create shipping rules based on product category, a specific product, or a specific manufacturer. they are not capable of defining the number of times a coupon could be applied globally. No provision to define maximum discount on single-use of a coupon. No filtration of coupons could be done on the basis of client category and geographical location. The dashboard doesn’t showcase any Total usage/redemption stat for the coupon.

The list of drawbacks is long when considering the multi-vendor features by Virtuemart. The sellers cannot create coupons, cannot create shipping rules, no eWallet facility, no way for explicit payment for special listing, cannot sell for price or call for a price quotation, no way to handle incomplete checkout, or incorporate return and exchange management.

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There is one such platform which is based on Joomla, is open source, has evolved with constant feedback from its user and evolving market requirements. It is Sellacious – the ultimate Joomla eCommerce software development tool that provides more than 5000 essential eCommerce features for free and embraces the subscribe with nine free templates to let them begin creating their storefront. This platform not only overcomes all the challenges one will incur when using the above-mentioned platform but will provide more solutions of its own or develop custom plugins at an economical cost. Moreover, the core team of Sellacious even provides CS Cart addon development services at an economical cost. Contact the 24×7, 265 days available customer support to know more.


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