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CBSE Schools in Pune is one of the most popular destinations for top-notch educational destinations and has a rich legacy of educational institutions which aim at building the future of the country. Pandit Nehru was inspired to label the city as “Oxford of the East” because of the wide exhibit of fine instructive establishments.

The CBSE schools in Pune have everything that a student needs and also takes care of all the concerns of parents. By constantly focusing on building a strong foundation for the kids they do the best for the children as it’s the most important thing about early education.

Here are some reasons which make CBSE schools in Pune, the epitome of educational proficiency-:

Affordable education

One of the major reasons why Pune continues to be an educational hub is its affordability. Here parents’ concern is firm education and overall growth, other factors associated with things as the school provides most of it at a very reasonable rate and is also lower than the schools in other metropolitan cities. Schools in Wakad Pune also provide a very peaceful environment for learning which is difficult to achieve in a metropolitan city because of the continuous hustle and rat race overall.

Connecting traditional and modern education

The legacy of high-quality education continues to persist in Pune even in the present era. The schools in Wakad Pune pay close attention to traditional forms of education which include deep concept building, resource analysis, literature, art, and theatre. Moreover, they also have a very open mindset about moving forward in terms of modernized education. Schools have adopted smart classes and student presentations as a part of the course. The advent of this pandemic also compelled the schools to shift to a digital structure.

Safety of students:

The safety of children is a primary deciding factor for several parents stuck with the selection of schools. CBSE schools in Pune recognize the need for a safe environment in school as it is the second home to students. It’s considered important that they feel the same way as they feel at home as kids in India spend a good amount of time at school. These schools have wide academic exposure and promote open thought and speech. They provide the most inclusive environment for students which is quite helpful in intellectual development. The location of the school should also be in a secure and child-friendly locality.

Facilities for students

CBSE schools in Pune offer a wide range of accessible facilities to students which delivers good care and facilitates the smart development of students. The schools offer high-quality education and holistic development as a part of their curriculum. With the belief that every student is different and the grooming should be personalised by their field of interest, the faculties customise attention and teaching ways accordingly so far as possible. The schools offer world-class infrastructure with bright and spacious classrooms, well equipped with modern learning activities and amenities, massive libraries with impressive collections of books, laboratories, medical facilities, transport, and food as well.

Quality of teachers

The schools in Wakad Pune have an exquisite panel of teachers who provide a positive learning environment for the students. The teacher-student ratio is monitor constantly to ensure that it is adequate. Just like the student, the teachers also motivate to be a better version of themselves and be better teachers every day. The schools organise regular workshop training to keep them updated, spend adequate time, energy and resources on providing intensive training to their teachers.


Decisions regarding schools can be very stressful as it is one of the most important decisions of our lives and it requires a very rational mindset backed by adequate facts. You can tabulate everything based on factors that influence decisions and these points hopefully would give a direction to your thinking making the process easier.

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