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Choosing the right soap-making classes can be a tedious task for a beginner. The market is flooded with a plethora of options to learn this craft from and the choice gets even more daunting when one is not exactly sure what to look for.

In order to make it simple, here are 6 tips that will help one choose the best soap making classes:


When one chooses a soap-making class, the more professional the training is, the better it will be for their resume and portfolio. Don’t hesitate to look up their work- sometimes they offer students an opportunity to do an internship at their studio. This will be of great help if one intends on freelancing down the line. On another note, make sure that they check out if they are familiar with all aspects of traditional soap making (such as lye calculators etc). Remember that any information or shortcuts taken can seriously jeopardize one’s skin! A good course should also empower students with all available knowledge regarding ingredients, equipment and testing methods; this way one will know what to look for and where to spend their money- foolproof learning from one of the best soap-making classes!


Take a look at their website or any other public materials to determine if this person or company knows what they are teaching. Also, make sure that one feels confident approaching them with questions and doubts about the material covered during classes. One way of doing this is by taking a soap making class online – since most courses have free videos – which entails chatting with instructors via email. If one cannot find out whether a course is credible or not, don’t hesitate to ask around through forums or groups, as many soap makers are always willing to share their experiences with one.


Check whether the instructor is readily available to clarify questions or doubts that one may have, particularly throughout the soap making classes. On another note, make sure they are easily reachable in case of an emergency during class time , for example, if one is suffering from a burn. It is also more beneficial if they can be easily reached via phone or email , as this will allow one to get the most out of their time spent with them and give more room for error if required.


The best soap making classes should be very thorough and cover all aspects of the process. This means they should go over basic recipes and complex techniques involved in soap making, such as layering and embedding. The instructor should make sure that one is comfortable with their level of knowledge at all times, making it easy to ask questions or try out new things on their own without their supervision.


Since one probably doesn’t have a full soap studio in their home, the best soap making classes should come to them and guarantee that all equipment and materials will be provided. Sometimes, professional soap makers will even offer an opportunity for their students to make some of the supplies themselves!

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As a general rule of thumb,  If the course is too expensive, make sure they offer a scholarship option or have financial aid available. A few scholarships are usually offered every year by the best soap making schools for students needing a little extra help.

These tips are extremely vital when choosing the right organic soap making course.


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