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With remote working becoming a sub-culture of the exiting work culture, the need for secured and robust IT infrastructure for enterprises big and small has become impertinent. This has propelled the demand for professionals who have the skills related to IT security, IT audit, risk analysis, and management, etc. Since CISA is the most sought-after credential for IT auditing, many IT professionals are lining up to get CISA certification training, to suffice the skill-demand in the market.

Institutes like Zoc Technologies offer training in professional courses like CISA and likewise. After the training the candidate is required to sit for the written exam, passing which enables them to earn the certificate. In this article, we are going to share a few essential tips to professionals thinking of getting CISA training and sitting for the examination. Follow the given tips to prepare for the exam.

Tips to Excel in your CISA Examination

  1. The Right Institute: The foundation of your performance in the CISA exam is set during the training period. So, the institute from where you get trained holds significant value. You need an accredited institute that has a good market reputation among professionals with an exemplary track record of a 100% passing percentage. We will discuss more in the next segment of the article.
  2. 2Draft a Plan: Preparing for a professional certification requires proper planning and execution. Considering that the candidate is a working professional, he/she needs to manage the training and study time after the office work hours or at the weekends. It is best if the candidate starts preparing at least three to four months ahead of the examination, dedicating two to three hours for preparation every day.
  3. Follow the Study Materials: The training institutes offer study materials apart from the training hours. Firstly, make sure that the material abodes by the ISACA (organization that provides the CISA certificate) standards. Go through the modules in detail as a part of self-study and dedicate hours to practice and mock tests.

100% Passing Guarantee by Zoc Technologies

It is no tall claim by the premier institute for professional courses. Zoc Technologies does guarantee a 100% passing guarantee to candidates appearing for the exam after completion of CISA training, or else the entire course fee is refunded to the professional. The other pros of enrolling in Zoc Technologies are:

  • They uphold international standards in imparting training to professionals.
  • Their course fees for such professional certification training programs are reasonable compared to other institutes.
  • They offer quality online classes, making it easier for professionals to attend the classes while working.
  • The faculty comprises industry veterans who have immense knowledge on the subject.

Other than that, Zoc Technologies offers exclusive career mentoring sessions to candidates, along with reasonably priced professional resume-building services. All of these essential attributes make it the perfect place to get CISA certification training.

Hopefully, this was an insightful read for all the CISA aspirants. Do follow the tips mentioned above to prepare for your upcoming exam. Get CISA certified to join the league of most sought-after IT professionals and open doors to hundreds of career growth opportunities globally.


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