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Owning a luxury home, including a grand kitchen, is a dream for most people. Designing a kitchen that is functional yet pleasing to the eye can be quite a challenge.

And space is not a concern when you are thinking of buying luxury homes for sale Discovery Ridge. Instead of looking at compact kitchen ideas, you can go big and incorporate aesthetic features.

Below are some things you can do to increase your luxury kitchen’s livability:

Integrate Smart Appliances
Get a sleek and modern look in the kitchen by installing panelled appliances that go well with the design. These intelligent products and custom cabinetry integrate seamlessly into the space and make it look expansive.

Nowadays, homeowners prefer cabinets with more counter depths, and fridge and dishwasher drawers replace upright appliances. Furthermore, slim hoods and wall ovens with a cooktop combination make for a more streamlined counter.

Open Up the Space
Use large glass window panes, transparent doors, and skylights to let natural light in all through the day. These will make the kitchen more inviting and brighten your home. In addition, you can make wise choices about the lighting and colour palette to use.

In luxury homes for sale Discovery Ridge, black and white are the top two elegant colour choices for the kitchen. Whether your style is minimalistic or classic, warm colour variations can create a monochromatic theme.

Under-cabinet lighting, spotlighting, and recessed downlights are great to bring your guests’ focus to the desired area. Besides, you can add pendant lights or linear light fixtures with dimmers for a dramatic effect.

Conceal the Storage
Keeping the kitchen, the most used common space in the house, clean and uncluttered all the time, involves a huge amount of work. Maximizing all available space for cabinetry, in the corners and up to the ceiling will expand your kitchen vertically.

Use hidden racks to conceal everyday items like wooden utensil trays, cereal boxes, small appliances, and packaged food. A dedicated walk-in pantry or pull-out cupboards can also act as additional storage features. Such thoughtful designs are not only purposeful but also make the kitchen a welcoming space.

Avoid Protruding Hardware
Use the latest motion technology and lift systems to safeguard the tools and appliances when they are not in use. Keeping this stuff off the kitchen countertop can reduce the risk of accidents because of protruding hardware.

Consider a double-island in the design process to create a highly functional kitchen. They are also convenient as you can quickly access a drawer with a gentle nudge to open the cabinets underneath it.

Moreover, you can consider using glass backsplashes instead of the routine mirror, tile, or marble. Get a one-of-a-kind high gloss cabinetry with metallic and reflective touches that appears graceful in your gorgeous kitchen.

Choose High-End Products for Luxury Homes for Sale Discovery Ridge
These tips are fairly straightforward and add the luxury factor to your kitchen, provided you think of them during the design phase. Speak to your custom home builder at RareBuilt Homes on what kitchen elements you would like to have. Explore your options from our offerings at luxury homes for sale Discovery Ridge.


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