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Communication is a process that begins with a sender encrypting the message and forwarding it over a channel to the recipient who decrypts the message. Communication is useful when the message is perceived in the same way by the receiver as the sender sent it. Any kind of disturbance blocks every step of communication; the message is destroyed. Because of such disruptions, individuals and organizations face serious problems. Communication breakdown due to these barriers lead to some serious issues in the life of the students too.

These issues should be identified and solved within time. Different barriers are there that becomes the reason of communication breakdown and affect the communication’s flow in an organization. The communication becomes ineffective to the communication barriers. It is important that to overcome these barriers. The most important communication barriers are summarized below. The main barriers to communication are listed below:

Differences in Perception and Language:

Difference in perception and language also becomes the cause of communication breakdown. In general, perception is the way in which each individual interprets the world around them. In general, everyone wants to receive messages that are important to them, but any message that violates their values ​​will not be accepted. It happens that there may be a case that different people perceive in different ways.

Example: A person is on leave for one month for personal reasons (a family member is critical). The HR manager may be confused about whether or not to keep this employee, the immediate supervisor may think of a replacement because his team’s productivity is hampered, family members may see this as emotional support.
Language differences also lead to communication problems. The same word can mean differently to different people. Example: Consider a word “value”.

  • What is this laptop worth?
  • Do I value our relationship?

“Value” means differently in different sentences. A communication break occurs when there is a false perception on the part of the recipient.

Information Overload:

People are surrounded by a range of information. The flow of the information should be controlled. Otherwise, the information is disinterested. It causes the less effectiveness of the communication.


Sometimes we just don’t listen, we just listen. For example, a traveller may look out for a “no parking” sign, but if such a sign is posted all over the city, they will no longer hear it. Messages must be ignored for effective communication. Likewise, if a supervisor is engrossed in his paperwork and his subordinate explains his problem to him, the supervisor may not understand what he is saying and this can lead to disappointment in the subordinate.

Time Pressure:

Time pressure also becomes the reason of communication breakdown. Often, goals in the institution and organization have to be achieved within a certain period of time, the failure of which has negative consequences. not completely transferred. Therefore, sufficient time must be allowed for effective communication.

Distraction / Noise:

According to a dissertation help firm, communication is also severely affected by noise and distractions. Physical distractions such as poor lighting, uncomfortable sitting, poor hygiene in the room also affect communication in a meeting. The use of loudspeakers also disrupts communication. Distraction is one of the various communication breakdown for the students. When they get interrupted, there comes the hindrance in their way of communication.


Emotions also lead to communication breakdown. Sometimes emotional state affects communication. For example, if the receiver is in bad mood, he or she will perceive the message sent by the sender in a wrong way. However, when the receiver is happy, the way of perceiving the message will be different.

Bad Storage:

Human memory cannot function beyond a limit. You can’t always remember what you’ve been saying, especially if you’re not interested or paying attention. This leads to a communication failure.

Problem: A Disagreement:

Solution: Talk to your teacher first, say the faculty. Explain how your evaluation protocol differs from your expectations. If face-to-face conversation doesn’t work, research the guidelines for grading challenges at your university.

Problem: A Personality Conflict:

Solution: Ask a few trusted colleagues whether their perception of the conflict coincides with yours. Often times, other students are best placed to judge whether a faculty member is out of place, Kaslow says. Then look inward and determine whether you are exacerbating or causing the problem, such as challenging your lectures or when you speak in an inappropriate manner.

Problem: An Absent Counsellor:

Solution: Check with your colleagues if they have the same problem. If the situation is vastly spread, they can come to tell the counsellor about their care needs, says Nutt. If this approach gets failed, ask another teacher to convey the situation or give directions for what should be done text.

Ignoring the problem is the wrong approach, experts say. For example, Mai Ly began studying counselling psychology during the semester, her assigned counsellor was on leave. When he returned, his colleagues appointed him chairman of the department. According to Ly, due to the compromises he neglected his advisory role. For example, her advisor didn’t have time to help correct a typo in her grade point average and it got dropped. Instead, he referred her to the dean’s office and informed her that her position in the program was in jeopardy. Instead of facing the situation, Ly switched to a recreational therapy program at another university.


Communication breakdown often becomes the reason of the gap that comes between a student and success. The students get confused and feel hesitation to come into contact with others. To overcome this issue, it’s important to teach the students about communication barriers and the ways to overcome them.


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