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You are all praise for the new set of patio furniture but more important is protecting the investment. So, the best you can do is get the right cover for the patio furniture.  You need to think of options to prolong the life of the furniture and stay relaxed even when the weather seems to dampen them.

Reviewing the product category:

Selecting a cover for the outdoor furniture needs requires a lot of time but the procedure may take time if you know what to expect. For instance, you need to go through the product menu of the company and the way in which they are merchandised. Checking the categories of the website reveals the style, material, color, and size.

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Know the materials

You are likely to come across a wide variety of materials, depending on the level of protection and coverage. Check out some of the popular varieties of materials.

  • Polyester

It is a breathable cover that dries quickly, so the water that traps under the cover evaporates easily and prevents the buildup of mold. Polyester can also undergo different treatments to incorporate insulating and waterproofing properties. Furthermore, the additional treatment also makes the fabrics UV-resistant. You need to get covers in perfect sizes so that they fit the furniture appropriately.

  • Vinyl

Among the most affordable options to select for patio furniture cover, vinyl is the right option as it is easy to put on and take off. Moreover, it is moisture-repellant and is ideal for furniture that stays in storage. Checking the gauge of the cover makes it durable than the standard covers.

  • Canvas

Canvas is one of the best options to select for covering the furniture as it is breathable and easy to wash in the machine. It is an excellent option for a warm climate and you can treat it for waterproofing and UV protection. One of the reasons why people prefer buying canvas covers is their look, style, and texture. Therefore, you can keep the patio furniture outside in bad weather with canvas covers on them.

  • Plastic

Solid plastic is also suitable for furniture cover as you can use it for temporary storage or long-term protection. Although plastic is waterproof, it may not have adequate ventilation, resulting in odors and mildew from the moisture that stay trapped inside the cover.

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Selecting the cover:

You can explore different materials for furniture cover but when buying one option, it is necessary to check the following options.

  • Analyze the features

If you are serious about protecting the patio furniture, it is necessary to check the features of the material to find out whether it is appropriate for your needs or not. For homes in windy regions, the cover needs to have a drawcord and stay on the set securely.

  • Minimum mesh

The cover you purchase must have a tight weave and minimum to prevent the water from leaking inside. Moreover, it also protects the patio furniture set from animal droppings, tree sap, and insects.

  • Padded covers

For tables with glass tops, the cover needs to have pads to prevent chips and cracks.

Analyzing all the above-mentioned factors lets you choose the best cover for your patio furniture.

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