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As a company, one is always looking to save up on costs without having to compromise on the quality of the product or the packaging. While it is a good decision to do this, you must ensure that the quality of your product remains consistent as it may cost your loyal customers.

Custom boxes are a requirement for any kind of business to make a mark in the competitive field. While it is true that you need to spend money in order to make money, it should not be done in extravagance. You also should look for any method that would help you save up on costs. To help you with this, we have created a list of 7 tips that will help you reduce packaging costs.


One of the ways to reduce packaging costs is by buying in bulk. Many suppliers and manufacturers for custom boxes feature wholesale rates if you buy in a large quantity. If you have the required amount of storage easily available, you can save up by buying a lot of custom boxes in one go and use them whenever needed. If the boxes are stored properly it will help you save upon shipping costs as well.


Yes, we know that this is the opposite of the point above but both these strategies can be applied for different conditions. If you buy custom boxes from a reputable brand, then you can save up by ordering small quantities of packaging. Most companies offer free shipping so you save up in this way and you also save up on storage costs. By being a loyal customer of a company you can even use the supplier’s storage area for your own storing purposes. This is also beneficial in case you want to change your box’s design. If you had a lot of boxes leftover for use, it would waste a lot of money. So buying in small quantities provide you the opportunity to make changes in the design along the way.


When searching for a supplier for your packaging needs, you should find out if they provide you any free services or not. Most companies, when you create custom boxes with logo at their premises, offer free shipping all around the world. The decision to choose the supplier for these boxes for your company is an important one. This is because companies tend to stick to a single supplier as long as they are functioning. Make sure you know of such value added services while choosing one.


This is linked with your supplier providing boxes to you in small quantities. Lesser quantities of custom product boxes will take up less space in your storage hence save you on these costs. You can also make use of the storage space of the company where you are getting your boxes from.


This can be done if you create a box that is easy and quick to assemble. The more complicated the box is, the longer it will take to be folded and assembled. When you sit down to create a box, keep in mind to keep it simple as this way, the labor force you hire would spend less time to assemble each box. This will help reduce costs as the hired help would need to put in less hours for packaging purposes. A quicker assembling box will increase the productivity level and you can carry out more sales compared to if your workers had to assemble more complicated boxes.


This may look seemingly hard to understand but it is quite easy. As the company grows, there is a chance that new items will be added to the list of products that you manufacture. This increase will bring a need for more packaging, possibly of different sizes or shapes. While it is okay to have different sizes of the same style of packaging as before, creating new shapes for your custom boxes for new products is an added cost. This is because the larger the number of designs for your boxes, the larger the manufacturing, packaging and storing costs. It is a good idea to take inventory of your products and packaging and see what products can have similar packaging so that you can use the same box for different products.


You need to be careful when you transport your products. If you cannot provide delivery yourself, choose a service provider that will prevent any damages happening to your product or packaging on its journey to your customer. This is because in case of damaged product, you would have to provide a new product to your customer free of cost. The more times this happens, the higher will be the costs. You would need to pay for the product out of the revenue that you generated making this an additional cost that could be easily avoided.


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