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Customized Cups or Mugs can add beauty to the corner of your house where you plan on placing them. Currently, they stand as one of the unique sources of gifts that fit perfectly in every situation. 

Actually, not just gifts! Nowadays, many people, especially the younger generation, have begun small businesses by selling customized cups or similar products. Interestingly, most of the time, they turn out to be successful. 

Oh, but of course, it is not like you have to buy it all the time. You can also try making customized cups yourself. There are many things about these customized cups, which you may not yet know. 

To get more knowledge about personalized cups and mugs, read the complete article below:

Custom Mugs As Gift Options:

Custom mugs or custom coffee mugs are one of the trendiest and pocket-friendly options as gifts. Give out a custom mug if you want to side yourself from the stress of choosing the perfect gift. The tradition of gifting has been carried out for a long time. Gifting is considered as a way of appreciation and gratitude to one. Here the idea of giving a custom coffee mug fits very well because it’s affordable; it can also be unique and memorable. 

Keeping these entirely aside, there are many more reasons why custom mugs are an ideal choice as gifts. As you can very well know by the name, these cups can be customized to your interests and preferences. Gifting a custom mug is like painting on a black object. You have complete control of what you want on the mug. 

Additionally, these custom mugs come in a wide variety. Coffee mugs are used for drinking. The days are now past when all the mugs look the same – and come in similar size, color, and design. Now you can have these custom coffee mugs that have different sizes, shapes and are made of different materials. 

It’s also a no-brainer gift. This is true if you don’t have any idea about the liking of the recipient or fashion sense or style, gift these custom mugs are genuinely the best option. Moreover, gifting a pair of branded shoes or a branded clothes is usually very expensive, these customized cups come in a wide variety of price ranges; Therefore custom mugs are cheap and the most pocket-friendly options as gifts.

Printing Your Custom Mugs At Home

Custom mug photo printing is effortless to do at your home. But, did you ever do custom mugs printing at home? If not, you can do it now; all you need is a coffee mug and an electric iron at home. Reading this will give you knowledge about printing custom mugs at your home by Sublimation print with the help of iron. There are a total of three different methods by which you can print your mug – the electric iron method, the heat press method, and online order.

The Electric Iron method:

The different materials needed for the electric iron method are electric iron, coffee mugs, sublimation paper, inkjet printer, tape, and scissors. Follow the steps below.


Step 1: Selection of mugs based on your work: The color of the mug must be selected according to the photo which is going to be printed. In most cases, white color ceramic mugs are used.

Step 2: Select the picture: The right-sized photo must be selected with good resolution.

Step 3: Printing: The selected photo must be printed on the sublimation paper with the help of an inkjet printer.

Step 4: Placing the picture on a mug surface: The printed picture must be fixed properly on the mug surface. It can be single-sided or wrapped around the mug. Stick the image properly with the help of tape so that the paper doesn’t move during the process.

Step 5: Heating one of the mug’s surfaces: After Fixing the picture, the mug surface needs to be heated with the help of an electric iron. The heating process must be 2-3 minutes to ensure that the picture is transferred on the mug’s surface.

Step 6: Cleaning the mug’s surface: After the picture is printed on the mug’s surface, remove the transfer paper and clean the mug surface properly. You can now see the printed image on the coffee mug’s surface. 

Customized Mugs for Business Purposes (The Heat Press Method) –

This is the process used for business purposes. The only thing differentiating it from the electric iron method is buying a heat press machine instead of an electric iron. This method gives you excellent quality and durable photos on mugs at a fast rate. Nowadays, many people earn money by just printing mugs; they need a mug heat press machine.  They get their orders from studios, stationery shops, and online orders. You can buy this machine from online platforms such as Amazon or flip art and many more.

Online Orders Or Custom Mug Printing Shops Near You:

If you need to know where custom mugs are made, you Google it by surfing “custom mugs near me.” The Explorer will then track down your address and give you the locations of such places nearby your house, where customized mugs are made.

So now I believe you can already understand how aesthetically pleasing and unique all these different types of customized cups or mugs can be. So to decorate your rooms with more beautiful customized cup products. 

Custom Cups To Earn You Money!

Also, if you are willing to earn some money, you can start making customized cups by yourself, the steps are given in the article before, because it is not as difficult as it seems to be. Then, surprise your family, friends, and special ones by gifting those customized cups with pictures on their essential and occasional days. Introduce such small ways of happiness to your close ones’ lives just by adding to their lives a small memorable cup or two!


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