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Well, in case you construct websites for a living, you likely understand the perks of having a robust, scalable, and dependable infrastructure. But did you know that you can even have what many consider an inferior type of solution – but for a fraction of the cost ? Using the .NET platform and its linked framework – XAMPP – you can have a well-optimized, cloud-based solution that offers you what you’re looking for in the shape of application platform, dependability, productivity, scalability, and much more that too without need to perform all the tasks yourself. Indeed, you just need to hire dedicated net developer and ensure that you have the right outcomes.

What do you mean by dotnet?

Well, .NET (even known as Microsoft Platform, or just MSN) is your finest types of bet for high-quality, enterprise-grade type of web development. It offers developers with the capability to build cross-platform, quick web applications optimized for modern browsers and even that of excel at managing data and displaying images, video, audio, rich text, and interactivity across all types of devices while leveraging cloud-based hosted servers and other type of technology out of the box. You would get everything in it to build your finest types of -in-class website and applications on the desktop, and mobile phone apps.

What you need to know furthermore is that dotnet is an open-source, standard-based, cross-platform, programming model for developing applications for the web inside desktop applications like that of WordPress and Joomla. .NET provides developers with various essential features that allow them to come up with better applications that are more effective and efficient across a huge range of platforms. Such are the features that encompass the availability of Microsoft infrastructure components that are needed for development (like Exchange Server and ASP.NET MVC), integrated database support, standardization across platforms, and so on.

Customized business aps

To have custom business applications is not really a thing that many people think about doing when constructing their websites. Most companies develop their own applications that actually work along with the present time WordPress theme or functionality. This can be wonderful if you are looking to form up a dashboard that works with your present website theme but not so wonderful if you are hunting for a new look for your current site. The point is to build custom applications for your business could take up some planning and research but may pay massive dividends if appropriately used. If you follow the right type of steps, however, you can create a powerful app. Hence, it is all about what you look for.

Actually, once you have the applications that are as per your specific business needs, you can make much more out of them.  You can even have applications sent automatically to your mobile device or even applications that enable you to take notes while they’re gathering any sort of data for analysis. This is certainly technology at its most.  The point is once apps are customized towards your needs; the information accumulated can be much more meaningful. It is going to be more actionable.


So, speak with a dedicated net developer and find out what he can do for your business.


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