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When it comes to giving your smile a makeover, you want to ensure that whoever is going to do the task is qualified. If you choose the wrong dentist, they might do a poor job and cause trauma and pain to your teeth and mouth. Bear in mind that your smile and your teeth are a critical part of your appearance. For this reason, you want to get it done right the first time.

Any dentist can actually claim the title of cosmetic dentist since this specialty is not officially recognised yet. Therefore, the task of finding the right dentist can be tricky. Read through the end of this article to find tips on finding a trustworthy, competent Cosmetic Dentist in Sydney who can give you the smile of your dreams.

How much do cosmetic dental services cost in Sydney?

A majority of dental procedures in Sydney can run from $800 to $15,000 and more depending on the type of method performed. It is a considerable investment, so you need to research dental procedures, dental practices, and highly recommended dentists.

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  1. Don’t be fooled by credentials

As mentioned, any dentist who obtained a degree from dentistry school can claim the title of cosmetic dentist. But to become a true expert in this field takes more than just a declaration. Many family and general dentists will try to perform a cosmetic dental procedure even if they aren’t qualified.

The primary difference between a Cosmetic Dentist and a general dentist is cosmetic dentists have a developed aesthetic. They have an artistic eye for advanced dental procedures and have mastered their skills through continuing education and years of experience. They have a reputation to maintain when it comes to their craft.

If your dentist claims they have done hundreds of cosmetic dental procedures, consider it a red flag. It is especially the case if a younger dentist claims to have done these hundreds of smile designs because there is a likelihood they are counting simple filling or whitening procedures in this number.

For this reason, you need to be specific with your questions. Ask, for example, how many smile designs utilising porcelain veneers have you completed in the past years?

There is an optimum ratio of patients to a dentist in Sydney.

In 2019, the number of registered dentists in Australia had reached 18,061. Nine out of 10 of these dental practitioners are registered and employed in their field. The proportion of employee dentists remains stable, ranging from 89% in 2013 to 91% in 2019.

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  1. See real patient cases

Remember to take a look at your dentist’s portfolio. You will want to dive into the exact scope of services they provide.

Look at past cases. A before and after photo is typically used by dentists to exhibit their best work. When you file through their gallery of examples, be intentional. For instance, if you already know what sort of treatment you will need, pay close attention to cases similar to yours.

But if the dentist doesn’t have a gallery on their website, you can request to see hard copies. Steer clear of dentist websites utilising stock photography or heavily edited photographs.

  1. Take a tour of your dentist’s office

Your first consultation with your dentist is a terrific opportunity for you to educate yourself further without committing.

It is also the best time to know your dentist further, ask them questions, or bring your concerns forward.

Consultations are inexpensive and, in some cases, even complimentary to patients.

A consultation permits you to meet with the dentist face-to-face and get a feel of their office and their cosmetic dentistry process.

Remember that cosmetic dental treatments may involve several treatment sessions, so you want to make sure you will be comfortable during each visit.

A cosmetic dental procedure is a considerable investment. The dental needs of Sydney residents are not covered by the Australian government, as with other health services. Sydneysiders are responsible for paying dental costs. It is important to look for a Cosmetic Dentist in Sydney who provides superior dental treatments so that you receive the best outcome from it.

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