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If you have planned to bring a Persian cat, you must know that they need a lot of care and attention. No doubt that they have luscious hair and an unusual shape of face which makes them prone to different problems. Besides, the thick and long coat needs to be perfectly groomed just to make sure that they look cute and adorable throughout. You can find many breeders offering Persian cat in Mumbai, but you need to make a thorough analysis before you choose one. 

While some breeders offer knowledge about the grooming techniques, others won’t. Therefore just to make sure that you are able to retain the exotic look of the Persian cats, here we will look at some of the DO’s and DON’Ts. If you want to become a self-groomer, you definitely can and save your money, but before that you need to have knowledge about their needs and requirements.  

So without any further ado, let us have a look at some of the major do’s and don’ts. 


Trim their nails

When you choose to buy a Persian cat for sale in Mumbai, you must do more research. Little did we know that only the best breeder can offer quality cats like Mummy Cat does. However, now that you have prepared your mind to bring a Persian cat at your home, you must know that you require maintaining the claws. 

When you leave them for long, their nails grow long and can mess your beddings, clothes, mattress, mats and a lot more things. Therefore, if you want to avoid such unpleasant situations, you need to trim their nails every 2 weeks. This will restrict buying longer and keep things safe. 

Clean their ears

You probably miss out on cleaning their ears every time you choose to groom them but this should not be the way you should go on. This also has a negative impact on their overall health condition. Therefore, making use of an ear cleanser, you should try cleaning them every time you choose to trim their nails. 

Cleaning the debris that tends to build up over time can be valuable in a range of ways. This makes sure that you little one will not have ear mites or ear infection as you are maintaining the utmost hygiene. Therefore while choosing a breeder offering a Persian cat in Mumbai, you can ask for the best ear cleanser. 

Comb their coats

Brushing is an inevitable part of the Persian’s daily life. In order to avoid matting and watching their hair flying here and therefore, you must keep a habit of bruising. This shouldn’t be a once in a while thing, but you need to start making a habit of combing your cat every single day. 

Make sure you choose the right comb that will help to release the debris, tangles, and loose hair in the coats. However, don’t be hard on their skin and just be slow and gentle while combing. Besides, every time you bathe, make a habit of brushing. 


Cut their whiskers: 

If you are buying a Persian cat in Mumbai for the first time, you might not know in detail about them. These are the whiskers, hair-like thicker structures of hair which look like hair but are way thicker. These are the sensory receptors that are associated with their movement and nervous system. 

Therefore while you are trimming the thick coats make sure you are keeping these whiskers away from the scissors. Remember your cat might feel  uneasy at the first time, but you have to be very gradual and gentle with them. And never ever touch their whiskers or trim them. 

Use hot water: 

Cats are extremely sensitive to temperature. Therefore while you choose to bathe them, you must not keep warm water in any of your list. If you want hot, you can use lukewarm but don’t be too much as it might burn then. Lukewarm water is however happy for your kittens. 

If you want more information, you can check with Mummy Cat. They are not only the best name offering reasonable Persian cat price in Mumbai, but also they have knowledge about the Persians. They can answer every question that you might have. 

Bottom Line: So now that you have got some idea about the Persian cats, you can go ahead to choose the best one for you. If you want a recommendation, we would say Mummy Cat is the best choice for offering a Persian cat for sale in Mumbai. Call them to know more.


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