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On the journey from being the most searched to the most trending and popular outerwear, bomber jackets have a rich history! This jacket is entirely an exceptional concoction of sophistication and fashion-forward style statements.

Known originally as the flight jacket, bomber jackets are created for the pilots. Further, these flight jackets grew up to be part of people’s daily apparel and an essential part of the wardrobe. Bomber or say flight jackets are highly versatile and are completely gender-neutral!

The fashion mantra is constantly transforming and leather bomber jackets are now into fashion like never before.

In this quick yet comprehensive guide, we are going to break down some perfect ideas of bomber jackets with which you would be able to steal the limelight with elegance and style.

But wait, do you know what a bomber jacket is and how you would be able to rock in it?

If no, then you are at the right place because we are going to take a deep dive into the fashion oyster with the great choice of bombers.


Basically, bomber jackets came into being in somewhere 1910s. These jackets were first introduced as part of military uniforms and were worn by military pilots during World War I and World War II. The name of bomber jackets was drawn from the realistic elements at that time.

Bomber and flight jackets are classic men’s and women’s garments and were originally created as functional workwear for the professionals of the military.

Since these bomber jackets are quite comfortable and sophisticated, people love to wear them at informal and non-formal events as well. B3 bomber jacket is also in demand, this is a sheepskin jacket providing enough warmth. From the shearling fur collar to the shearling fur hemline and open hem cuffs this jacket is another masterpiece that one should have!


Looking for a nice bomber jacket and can’t decide from where to buy it? We understand you better! Making an investment in the jacket could be tricky and one may end up being scammed with the poor quality of the jacket even after paying a good amount of money!

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Lovers of bomber jackets can also find a large variety of shearling fur jackets that could elevate their looks and personality as well.


As we discussed earlier, bomber jackets were created for the military people and to provide the pilots with the warmth that they need. During the crucial days of World Wars, bomber jackets have been a savior to military professionals.

The bomber jacket with hood and the B3 flight jackets were designed for the aircraft bombers who needed to go up high altitudes. Now these bomber jackets for the pilots and even for the civilians are made with the help of different materials including leather, wool, silk, satin, and suede.

These jackets were referred to as the flying and bomber jackets due to the perfect composition and combination of sheepskin and thick sheep fur. This was the most convenient and easy way to save the pilots from the freezing temperatures of the cockpit. The leather jacket was first decided to manufacture these B3 flying jackets but shearling fur leather with viscose lining replaced it.


Bomber jackets are ideal for almost all seasons as they are comfortable and are made up of material that could keep you warm for a longer-term. These jackets were first made with the help of nylon and wool that helped the pilots to stay safe from rain and cold wind.

Apart from being a military forces jacket or uniform, the great bomber jackets look classy and decent at every person and in every event. Usually made with the help of leather, now these flight jackets are made with the help of fleece, cotton, wool, nylon, silk, and other materials. Furthermore, the specifications of these bomber jackets include;

  • Viscose and soft inner lining
  • Full sleeves
  • Rib-knitted cuffs
  • Neckline
  • Frontal zipper
  • Ribbed waistline
  • Shearling fur collar
  • Side pockets

You can enhance your looks within these bombers and flight jackets and can carry them with style in every event. Due to the elegant yet casual style of the bomber jackets, these pieces of sumptuous garb are never going to be out of date and fashion.

Let’s have a quick look over the ways in which you can carry a bomber jacket.

Hooded bomber jacket:

Wear the hooded bomber jacket in bold colors to steal the limelight of all the events like a pro. These hooded bombers look versatile and classy enough for everybody!

Black bomber jacket:

The black bomber jacket is an all-time favorite of every person who is out for a coffee date. Purely classic, majestic, and elegant!

Brown bomber jacket:

Rust-colored brown or dark brown bombers would elevate your looks instantly! How about pairing it up with a white inner and black jeans? Sensual for sure!

Shearling fur jacket:

All-time modern and classic, shearling fur jacket is never going to turn old! This evergreen style of bomber jacket would make you look handsome, cool, and elegant altogether!

Parka style jacket:

Wear the parka-style short jacket to your next winter outing. You can acquire this one with a hood or without a hood as well. Pure biking vibes!

Naval short Pea coat:

Spice up your wardrobe with the naval Pea coat in bold brown-black colors. The slim-fit style of this bomber jacket is literally something to die for!


We have rounded up some great information about the bomber jackets along with the best fit styles that would make you look wonderful. Get your hands on the exclusive collection of premium bomber jackets offered by Forces Jackets and steal the hearts in town!

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