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Imagine this. A star-studded, luminous skin on a fantastic breezy night with a bonfire, and you are singing and dancing around it with your loved ones. The next day you can even roam around in the breathtaking nature while catching the birds singing as the sunsets. This sounds like a dream vacation, right? What if it could come true? The answer is yes.

Now with a bike on rent in Hyderabad, you can now visit the best camping sites across the peninsula. And once you do, here are some fantastic places you cannot miss.

  • Kondamadugu

Surrounded by picturesque scenery and lusciously green woods, Kondamadugu is a countryside filled with idyllic villages. There are places near Kondamadugu where you can go trekking. The Tiger Hills and the Golconda Fort. It is one of the perfect places in Hyderabad to go for trekking, both idle and with friends. You can even rest your spiritual soul by visiting the nearby Birla Mandir.

  • Narsapura Forest

It is a dense forest that is spread across a five-kilometer area. It also has a small lake surrounding the forest area. Starting from a wide range of fauna, you will come across different kinds of Flora when you opt for the bike on rent in Hyderabad. 

  • Pawna Lake

If you are thinking to plan a weekend gateway where you can reconnect with yourself, Pawna Lake is the place for you. Enjoy a serene swim in the lake during the day and then watch the sunset from the banks of it. You can even roam around the forest surrounding the lake during the evening to appreciate the nature around you. Besides that, a campfire beside Pawna Lake is also a great activity to take part in.

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Hire a bike for rent in Puneto go camping at Kolad with all your friends. Starry nights, offb

eat location, and multiple water activities are some of the few features of the Kolad camping site. You and your friends can engage yourself in a wide range of adventure activities, including trekking, archery, and water activities like jet skiing and kayaking.

  • Torna Fort

Another splendid location near Pune, Torna Fort, is a must-visit tourist spot. You can visit there by hiring a bike on rent in Pune as it is near the outskirts. De-stress yourself as you trek in the lap of nature and have a gala time camping at night. The hilltop is the perfect place to witness the sunrise early in the morning. Moreover, the enchanting scenery is complemented with moderate weather, making it the best place for your vacation plans.

Wrapping Up

From nature camping and hilltop camping to glamorous camping and riverside camping, India offers a wide range of options for both trekking and camping that you can easily visit to enjoy your weekend after a monotonous lockdown. Gone are the times when you would have to worry about having your personal vehicle. Now you can hire one and let the explorer inside you lose.

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