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If you prefer camping outside often, you need an essentials checklist and a day before the trip for shopping. Travellers and those you camp frequently may have a disrupted sleep cycle due to the lack of a comfortable sleeping area. Though you cannot enjoy the comfort of your cosy bed, a sleeping bag can create an optimal environment to have a good night’s nap. Sleeping bags, specifically designed for travellers, are portable beds with an insulated covering, including a lining layer or padding.

Benefits of sleepers bags

Though there is nothing like a good or bad sleeping bag, you will need to set your eyes on the best suited sleeper bag considering your preferences. These bags can trap cold air and keep you warm even when you camp by the hillside. Here are some best ways you can benefit from using a sleeper bag on your next trip:


Around 7.3% of Australian travellers are reported camping in a tent while 6% stayed in caravans. Luckily, sleeping bags are available in several styles and forms so that they can solely get tailored to your specific needs. To begin with, these bags have a broad range of temperature ratings. Picking out the appropriate content involves considering the climate at your camping site and the intensity of warmth you expect. With that said, you can find sleeper bags for summers, mild winters and intense winters.

These bags also come in a variety of materials(insulation). The material type also determines what intensity of warmth a bag can deliver. For instance, synthetic bags best suit moist and slightly cold climates. On the flip side, some synthetic bags work best in hot climates with the right amount of heat retention. Down bags work for winters and at terribly snowy sites. Most sleepers bags are water-resistant and can keep up during rainy camping days.

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There is no thumb rule that sleepers bags are only for travellers who camp or hike. If you often travel by road, having a pair of sleepers bags stacked in your car is a sensible option. Imagine you have a breakdown or repair, and you are all stuck in a remote area- a sleeping bag can be of great help! A sleeping bag can also double up as an extra winter covering if you feel your airbed is not working out the way you expected it to be. Whether you feel cold in a shuttle or your air-conditioned hotel room, a sleeping bag is always there for you.


Camping gear on, hiking boots packed and a massive tracking bag on your back can make you feel like a hippie. While water bottles, snacks, hiking boots, a pair of socks and a tent kit can take significant space in your bag, sleeping bags are pretty compact and do not occupy much space. It makes packing your camping bag much easier as you no longer have to carry a cramped suitcase all the way! You can also pick lightweight sleeper bags so that you can minimise your backpack’s weight.


For the features most sleep bags offer, their cost often seems to be on the inexpensive side. A lightweight sleeping bag with a water resistance feature and substantial insulation can cost anywhere from $50. They are an economic investment compared to travel airbeds. Air beds may or may not offer a covering or insulation, take time during the setup and are perhaps space consuming. However, a sleeping bag is more durable and resilient than other sleeping options despite being less expensive.

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