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There are various platforms that claim to provide you all the essential features leveraging which you can create a multi vendor ecommerce software that all support the feasibility of shopping cart with returns management and exchange. Platform like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Sharetribe, Virtuemart, CS Cart, Prestashop, NopCommerce, CS Cart, J2Store, X-Cart, and many others claims to provide you all the training marketplace features that could enable you to create either of a niche or multi vendor ecommerce software but none of them is capable enough to ensure that you run a successful business once you have subscribed to the, All these marketplace development tools follow a dark pattern of recurrent monthly subscription pattern in order to bide the customer forcefully to avail their useless services at a sky-touching price. All of them work on the auto-debit mode with no checkbox available for the subscriber to switch off this mode of auto-debit on a monthly or yearly basis.

You need to go through an excessively long and laborious procedure in order to unsubscribe from their services. This establishes the fact that they hire the designers who don’t want to serve users and who follow a user-centric design approach instead they need to fill their pockets and follow the more rigorous darker patterns which could help them revive their own business through tricking the subscribers.

Make sure you thoroughly check the content and auto-checked fields while registering to such platforms, you may avail of their not so required extra services and frequent newsletter. All these companies don’t open up with the usage terms of the registering information. As soon as you have paid your first installment, from that point itself your mailbox will start getting flooded from the advertisements from the third parties which might sell a relevant or a non-relevant commodity.

Moreover, it is possible that you may find extra services and products sneaked into your basket while checkout automatically as above mentioned platforms may follow such practices in order to make monetary funds. Such businesses should understand that these cheap tricks to fool customers don’t last long. There are many shopping cart development platforms available in the market and the user can easily switch to the more reliable and economical alternative.

Best Multi Vendor eCommerce Software

Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce don’t even let their customers to create a multi-vendor ecommerce software in any of their plans, be it the most premium one. Undoubtedly, you have to depend on either the third-party development service providers to create custom modules, extensions, and plugins for you or you might need to rely on the third-party plugin available by the third-party service providers. Both ways, you’re gonna get a huge sector of your savings or loans spent into paying such greedy service providers or the plugin.

You may not generate enough revenue so that you can pay your monthly dues. In both cases, the subscribers get entrapped in the false claim trap of sugar-coated words of them. You may land into bank debts when you subscribe to any such platform which is incapable of generating sufficient revenue that would be enough to sustain in the highly competitive industry. The goal of such a platform is only to gain momentary monetary funds to let their business go smoothly. They are least bothered about the user’s concern.

To overcome all such challenges you should only rely on one platform which overcomes all such shortcoming which a user might feel when using the above mentioned unreliable shopping cart development platform and also fits into one’s budget, that is, Sellacious. Sellacious has more than 5000 essential ecommerce features leveraging which a store owner can create fully functional and agile – b2b, b2c, c2c, niche or multi vendor ecommerce software, that too within 15 minutes.

Reach out to the customer support to know more. Unlike CS Cart and BigCommerce, Sellacious’s customer support is available for free 24×7, 365 days to hear out all your grievances, resolve them and provide solutions to customer requirements through the core development team. This open source development tool also provides custom development support for various other platforms at comparatively lower rates than the source companies like for CS Cart, etc.


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