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Halo extensions are the perfect way to add long, voluminous hair. They’re typically made with three tracks of wefted hair sewn onto a nylon or silk base that fits around your head like a hood.

Wearers can twist it or wrap it around their natural ponytail for an instant look. Halo hair extensions are one of the best methods for adding length to your hair, and there are different ways you can style it.

Here are a few hairstyles you can try with these extensions.

Twist It

The high adoption of new technology and the presence of prominent players have increased the value of hair wigs in North America.

Two strand twists and flat twists lay adjacent to each other on hair that has been styled into a tight afro, leaving the wearer with beautifully defined curls and flowers springing from her head.

Bun it Up

You can take advantage of this method to wear your hair down during the day but have it up for work or formal occasions.

Putting your hair in a bun is simple and easy, and if you like wearing your hair like this, halo wearers can make this style look even more stunning by wrapping their natural ponytail around the base of the extension.

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Pin Down the Front

Halo wearers can smooth down the front of their hair using bobby pins. It is excellent for long-haired ladies who want to have a style that’s appropriately updo for work but still showcases their length.

The front of the hair is laid over the top of the Halo, secured with pins, and then rolled or swept up to sit on top of the Halo without obscuring the line of the extensions.

Twist for an Updo Look

You can twist the hair in your halo extension around itself for a stunning updo look that is great for formal occasions, an evening out, or even everyday wear.

The Halo can be twisted around itself at the base of your ponytail, and then invisible hair pins can be used to hold it in place.

Twist It Around Your Ponytail

Twisting a halo weft around your hair is an effortless way to change up your everyday ponytail look without having to add any additional products or effort.

Simply slip your Halo around your ponytail and twist the front of the hair up and around itself, pinning it in place with bobby pins.

You can then pull a few strands out for a more casual appearance or leave it sleek and smooth for a formal occasion.

Tuck It In

You can tuck your halo weft underneath itself and pin it into place for a low-key, laid-back look.

If you have a bobby pin or two that matches your hair color, you can conceal them by running the pins through the front of your Halo and then tucking any loose strands behind it as well.

Pull A Few Hairs Out for A More Casual Appearance

If you like the look of your Halo but want to make it a little more work-appropriate, simply pull a few strands out around your face and secure them with bobby pins. The hair will still blend in with your own, which is fantastic if you don’t want your hair to look too styled.

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Twist with a Knot for a Half Updo

Another fantastic way to style your Halo weft is by wrapping it into a knot and pinning it up.  It is a great way to create a half updo that you can wear for an evening out or around the office.

Simply twist your Halo weft into a knot, pin it in place and then secure any loose strands with bobby pins.

Half Ponytail 

If you wish to wear your hair down but don’t want to let it out open all the time, try the half ponytail halo updo look.

You can make this hairstyle look particularly chic by adding a flower to the front of your head and wrapping hairspray over the top of your Halo weft.

To create this style, sweep the front section of your hair back and then wrap it around into a pony that sits just above your ear. Secure it with bobby pins, spray the look in place with hairspray and add a flower to the base.

Fold It Back and Pin

If you like to switch things up at the office, you can create a beautiful halo updo by simply folding your halo hair extensions back and pinning them into place.

It is perfect for medium-length hair, but if you have short hair, you can still use this method to tuck the front section of your Halo behind your ears so that it’s less noticeable.

Halo wearers can add a classy headband to their Halo for a simple, elegant look perfect for the office or an evening out. Simply slide your Halo onto your natural ponytail and then attach a pretty ribbon at the front of your hair to hide the edges.

There are many different ways in which you can style halo hair extensions to get a desirable look for any occasion or setting. You can pick any style according to your liking from the list given above or experiment with the accessory on your own.

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