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It’s common for people to take High Voltage Detox Drink to pass urine lab tests for probation or job interviews, but it does have some side effects. It won’t help you get rid of drugs from your saliva, it won’t help you pass blood tests, and it won’t help you cleanse your hair follicles.

Process of dilution:

A person who has to obtain or maintain a new job, or who has to appear in drug court and provide a clean urine sample, may utilize this product. A process called dilution is used to create the High Voltage Detox Drink, and when done properly, it has been shown to occasionally defeat drug tests.

When selecting a detox drink, keep these three things in mind: they must accomplish all three things perfectly:

  1. Make urine metabolites less concentrated by diluting drugs in it.
  2. Add yellow to the urine by giving it b-vitamins.
  3. The urine should not look diluted by adding more creatinine.
  4. The ingredients in High Voltage Detox Drink include b-vitamins, creatine, and diuretic herbs to increase urine production. 
  5. As a result, if you follow the instructions, it should include everything you need to pass a urine drug test.
  6.  Ensure your cleanness is on the line when outcomes are on the line! With a unique combination of B-Vitamins, Creatine, and other minerals and herbal extracts, High Voltage Detox helps flush out toxins and pollutants from your urinary system.

Usage of high voltage detox beverage instructions


Using the High Voltage Detox Drink is as simple as following these simple steps:

  1. Stop using marijuana, methamphetamine, pain relievers, and other substances as soon as you know you’ll be tested, or at least two days before the test.
  2. Before your exam, consume the whole 16-ounce bottle. Drink the 16 ounces of water and then refill your bottle.
  3. After fifteen minutes, refill the bottle with 16 ounces of water and continue your regimen.
  4. Before the exam, you should pee three times. Take your test and fill your specimen cup with mid-stream pee. Toxins in the body and metabolism affect how long our 32oz drinks works, however it may last as long as 7 hours depending on the individual.


  1. One 16-ounce bottle of HV Detox is all you need to get through the day.
  1. Drink water from refilled bottle.
  1. Wait 15 minutes before re-filling the bottle and drinking the contents once again.
  1. To proceed, wait until you’ve had at least two urinations.
  1. Then, fill the remaining 16-ounce HV Detox Refill bottle with water and drink it.
  2. Two additional normal-sized urinations are required before the product is no longer effective. If you’re having a hard time passing urine, try drinking 16 ounces of water per hour until you pass it. When used properly, High Voltage may last up to seven hours.

To get the best results, follow these steps:

  1. For a period of 24 to 48 hours, stay away from potentially harmful substances.
  2. a pre-cleanse phase that lasts from the previous night until the morning Drink ten 8oz glasses of water eight hours before taking High Voltage.
  3. Urinate regularly when taking this product to help flush out toxins.
  4. During the pre-cleanse phase, avoid eating big meals or consuming anything that contains caffeine or fruit juices.
  5. Stay away from over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, acidic drinks (such as vinegar, pickle juice, coffee, etc.), vitamins, and salty meals.
  6. Every day, make sure you’re getting enough water in.
  7. The 5-Day Detox: Are you looking for a long-term detox? Dedicate yourself to our 5-day detox program and experience true cleanliness. Staying clean throughout the whole five-day detox process is made easier with High Voltage Detox 5-Day Flush. Because toxicity levels and metabolisms differ from person to person, ongoing detoxification may be necessary to keep the body free of toxins.


Follow these steps to complete the task: (take with a light breakfast for 5 days)


Day 1:

 Drink 16 ounces of water with one packet of (6ct) Capsules. Sip 32 ounces of water after 30 minutes and see what happens. Take ONE 16-ounce bottle of High Voltage Liquid and wait an hour before refilling with water and shaking it up again. Drink 8 ounces of water each hour to keep your body hydrated.


Days 2, 3, and 4:

 Take one (6ct) Capsule packet with 16oz of water each day. Drink 32 ounces of water after 30 minutes and then wait 30 more minutes before continuing. Drink 8 ounces of water each hour to keep your body hydrated.


On the fifth day: 

(MOST EFFECTIVE DAY) Take one (6ct) capsule with 16oz of water per serving. Sip 32 ounces of water after 30 minutes and see what happens. Refill the bottle with water, shake it well and then drink the second 16oz bottle of High Voltage Liquid after waiting an hour. Continue to drink 8 ounces of water an hour.


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