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Both AltStore and AltSigner are the Cydia Impactor alternatives. But how do these three IPA signing tools differ?

Undoubtedly, Cydia Impactor was the top IPA sideload tool. But unluckily, Cydia Impactor is not correctly working because of iOS system upgrades and limitations. Hopefully, we will get alternatives to Cydia Impactor. Next, we will compare the pros and cons of these three tools with Cydia Impactor keeping as a reference.

Doubtlessly, Cydia Impactor was the best IPA sideload instrument. Yet, sadly, Cydia Impactor isn’t working as expected appears to be because of iOS framework overhauls and restrictions. So we desire to track down options in contrast to Cydia Impactor. Then, we will dispassionately look at the benefits and drawbacks of these three instruments with Cydia Impactor as a kind of perspective.

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Supported Platforms

Cydia Impactor:

Available for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows


Available for Mac OS X, Windows


Designed for Windows

Signing IPA

Cydia Impactor: 

It supported signing IPA while sideloading; however, it did not support signing IPA independently. Users are unable to install IPA files that have been signed directly.


It supported sideloading IPA on iPhone following AltStore to be fully installed. With this, users cannot directly receive IPA files that have been signed.


It independently supported signing IPA; you don’t need to connect iPhone to PC.

IPA Sideloading

Cydia Impactor:

It supports IPA sideloading


It supports IPA sideloading, but in the entire trial process, it was noticed that the failure rate of installing AltStore is a little high, but the reason is not known.


It doesn’t support IPA sideloading. However, one can keep installing signed IPA while using other sideload tools like Tongbu Assistant and 3utools. This one has more chances of successfully signing IPA as it does not perform sideloading. After signing, one can install IPA along with other sideloading tools. Moreover, he can obtain the signed IPA on his PC to save it.

Suggestions for use

While using these tools, one must use an Apple ID. To ensure the security of our account, it is better to apply for an Apple ID separately for signing.

Social recommendations and mentions

As shown by its record on cruzingspeed.com, Altstore appears to be much more popular than Cydia Impactor. Though we know over 207 links to Altstore, only on mention of Cydia Impactor could be tracked. Product recommendations and mentions are being followed on Reddit, HackerNews, and other platforms. They can assist you in finding out which product is more liked and what reviews people give about it.

What are some alternatives?


iOS Haven is a listing of tweaked apps and games for iOS devices. It can be installed directly from the browser. It provides a good collection of the latest and top-rated Android Mod Games, Mod Games, Premium Tools that anyone can download without signing up. Get Mods APK – here; one can access Mods APK. In comparing Altstore and Cydia Impactor, one can also think about the products given below:

BuildStore – it is n iOS signing service or tweaked App Store without jailbreak.

5play.ru – 5play.ru allows you to download highly-rated Apps and Games for your Android devices.

Cydia – is an alternative app store for jailbroken devices.

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