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Data analytics and tracking are an integral part of any business marketing campaign. Businesses can analyze calls to generate insights on demographic data and identify genuine leads. It can be a measure to evaluate which marketing tactics are driving the growth in sales and connecting people to your business. Virtual number service can empower your business with loads of data and data-driven insights about the customers and brand campaigns.

The virtual number gives you the tracking functionality which can register the customer demographics on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. The virtual number is based on robust cloud infrastructure which enables businesses with the power of using data analytics and customer segmentation to identify and track sales leads and even send follow-up schedules.

Steps to adopt virtual tracking phone number and reap the benefits:

  1. Get the virtual Indian phone number – You can approach any virtual Indian phone number service provider and assign the contact to any marketing campaign or product segment that the business wants to track. This can help businesses track the traffic generated and queries received from each marketing channel.
  2. Customer segmentation – The business will start receiving the calls on the virtual Indian phone number which will have an extensive record about the demographics of the customer and the interaction with the brand and create a database record of the contact number.
  3. Tracking – The call records can be analysed to identify trends in customer behaviour. The trends are a powerful metric for identification of the marketing channels and strategies and about which takes longer time to be effective. The productivity of the sales team can also be measured by the conversions of calls into sales.

The setup process for a virtual number service is hassle free and easy to adopt within the staff. Tracking of marketing and sales metrics is a herculean task however it is made simple and effortless with virtual number service.

Business impacts with virtual number tracking functionality

1.   Identify the best performing marketing strategies

Call tracking will help you highlight the medium through which the customer got to know about your business. These mediums could include media ads, social media, or billboards. Conversations can help extract this information from the customer.

2.    Methods that deliver returns

Once the business gets clarity about the high-performing marketing campaigns, businesses can reconfigure their plans and focus on marketing strategies that generate maximum returns.

3.    Generate ROI driven cost optimization

The virtual number tracking and data analytics can generate tangible results about the return on investment (ROI) generated by advertising through a specific media channel. It can be considered as a trusted metric to the company to validate the ROI.

4.    Reduce costs

The traditional calling services option requires an expenditure on expensive hardware equipment and maintenance costs for the same. It also requires an additional expense to hire employees for their servicing. The robust cloud-based virtual number service approach requires a little investment and saves business capital in the long run with the ‘pay-as-you-use’ model and a subscription fee.

5.    Integration with other tools

The call tracking services can be integrated with other business tools and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like salesforce and Google Analytics. The CRM tools provide a dashboard based approach for data visualization and provide a holistic view of the marketing performance.

6.    Enhance business decisions

Businesses can make better informed decisions and plans for the future. They can optimise their budget to focus on the right strategies.

7.    Store the business leads

The system enables you to store the business leads or contacts. Follow up interactions can be scheduled automatically to follow up on the leads of queries and issues raised by customers.

The investment in virtual Indian phone numbers is an apt choice for creating a complete system and a worthy investment for any business. Virtual numbers have now emerged as the new standard of digital communication for consumers and business technology. These newer technologies are less expensive than traditional landlines and calling.

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