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For those who are not good at demonstrating their abilities in a tense atmosphere, or who want to experience the atmosphere of the exam once, it may be useful to experience the CA exam series during the actual test.

In addition, the fields of weakness are not limited to subjects. For example, you can take more specific measures by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the answer method, such as being vulnerable to descriptive questions and struggling with multiple-choice questions, and the cause of making a mistake in the answer in the first place. You will be able to knead.

The mock tests allow you to pass the CA exams with the minimal efforts as you get the exam interface similar to the real CA exam.  A CA test series where you can know your academic ability and weaknesses, and gain experience close to the actual performance. This alone is not a small benefit, but to make this benefit even greater, let’s knows how to use it effectively.

Let’s summarize what you need to do to make effective use of the timing of taking the CA test series and the preparations for taking the CA test series. If you are aiming for a CA exam, we recommend CA exam series, a correspondence course. CA Test Series students are known for their high pass rates. Such a CA exam series is also conducting a mock test, and this mock test is also a big point as a measure for the preparations.

CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final exam level are available

Foresight offers three types of CA test series exams. One is a Foundation level test series exam. Questions that is a little easier than the actual questions will be asked, so the questions at the optimum level for skill testing such as the first CA test series exam will be the focus.


The second one is CA Intermediate exam which has higher level of questions. The difficulty of the exams would be slightly hard in comparison to CA Foundation.

The other is the CA Final exam level CA test series. As the name suggests, this is a CA test series that asks difficult questions at a level that can be asked in this exam.

If you want to take the CA exam, it is recommended that you take the CA test series in advance. By taking the CA test series, you will be able to know your academic ability and weaknesses and use it for your study plan after taking the CA test series.

When taking a test series exam, there are cases where you take the exam at the venue and cases where you take the exam at home, but there is no big difference between the two. Of course, by taking it at the venue, you can experience the tension that is close to the actual CA exam. However, the main purpose of taking the CA test series is to understand your academic ability and weaknesses. With that in mind, you can expect a sufficient effect even if you take the exam at home. It is recommended that you try a CA test series that you can take at home even if you cannot go to the venue.


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