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Our company, On Your 6 Designs, makes Kydex concealed carry holsters and since we make custom holsters, we’re constantly thinking about them. Each holster is carefully examined by our team based on its cut, the material it is made of, how it’s assembled, and, of course, how it will be used.

In addition to carrying a gun in various ways, two types of holsters in particular are popular because of their ease-of-use and quick draw: the inside-the-waistband holster and the outside-the-waistband holster.

Designed with a compact firearm in mind, on Your 6 Designs holsters are a clear favorite of concealed carriers across the nation because of improvements in firearm design, improved holster design and lighter materials.

Whilst wearing your IWB holster

Wearing an IWB holster from the outside seems straightforward. Placing your pistol between your waistband and your pants will conceal it. Knowing how to position your pistol is crucial for placing it in the proper position. 

You can imagine your waist as a clock face: you would have a belt buckle that appears between 12 and 12 o’clock, your hips between 3 and 9, and your backside around 6 o’clock. Wearing a belt-waist holster at any angle around your waist is possible, but some angles are more convenient and comfortable than others.

Good Gun Belt Elements

Your gun belt material is critical, but do not neglect its features, such as belt thickness, the quality of the belt buckle, and the presence or not of reinforcing elements.

Most Kydex and leather holsters are designed to fit 1.5” belt loops. Some accept 1.75” belt loops. If you already have a holster, choose your belt accordingly. Otherwise, make sure the gun belt you’re looking at is 1.5” or 1.75” because it provides you with the best fit and compatibility with most holsters.

The best belt in the world is not useful if the belt buckle is weak or made of low-quality materials. Use a sturdy metal belt buckle. Specific gun belts may also feature metal end tips; they are desirable because they protect the belt’s end from wearing out but are optional.

The best belt buckles are frame-type (with a center bar) or plate-style buckles (such as those seen on cowboy belts). Avoid box-framed or ring buckles, as they simply aren’t as sturdy. Many nylon belts possess snap buckles made of cheap plastic, which you should also avoid at all costs.

If your preferred carry style is appendix carry, you may need to offset the belt buckle away from the 12-o’clock position so it doesn’t interfere with your holster. Doing so may cause printing issues with regular belt buckles, and you may want to invest in a low-profile buckle or a special gun belt designed for appendix carry.


Positioning Yourself Correctly

You must first unload your holstered firearm from its holster before you can determine the correct position. If you wear the holstered pistol while doing your ordinary daily chores, you should be able to maneuver normally. 

As you do all of this, be sure to keep your eyes on the location where the pistol sits against you and if possible, have a friend or partner check to ensure it isn’t caught on your clothing or exposed.

 You should choose a position that is hidden and comfortable for you based on your body type.


Keeping Concealability and Comfort in Balance

Other than positioning the pistol holster properly, there are a few ways to increase concealed carry comfort. A thick, full-grain leather belt is a good place to start. The belt will prevent your pistol from warping and digging into your sides while it is holstered. The next step is to wear an undershirt. Consequently, your pistol grip and holster won’t rub against your skin when you are moving.

You may also want to consider positioning yourself in the most concealment possible.  Keeping a weapon hidden keeps others comfortable, since they don’t realize one is there.

 Designed to provide concealability on the hip, IWB holsters provide a dependable means of firearm carry.



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