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On every wedding invitation, you can expect at least one ‘add-on’, which is also listed as an option, on your wedding invitation. This is often a video from your wedding ceremony, or the invitation can even be your wedding video that your guests watch during the occasion. Video Invitations tell a story. Video invitation wedding is a good way to captivate the attention of your guests and especially, wedding guests, and it is easily shared on social media. They also allow you to incorporate some unique features which will become unique for your guests to experience. Once you plan a wedding, make sure you keep the videos as personalized as possible and incorporate a lot of personal touches as a gesture of appreciation for your wedding guests. Invitees will love them! Here are some of the tips for posting a perfect wedding video invitation.

  • Include Candid Pictures of the Couple– Along with getting couples to invite you, why not invite them to take photos of the day and submit them for the invitation video. Include candid pictures of the couple if you can, otherwise send beautiful shots from the wedding shoot you’ve arranged. This will make the wedding invitations look extra special.
  • Include all the Essential Details-Your wedding invitation can be customized easily, and you can add a photo of the couple in the wedding invitation video. Add personal touches. Offer a hint of your personality by adding a name or picture of the couple in your invitation and you have created an exclusive memory. Tell your story. You can include a poem or a message on your wedding invitation video as an additional prop to tell your story.
  • Pick the Right Font & Colours – Pick a font that is simple yet elegant, for a simple and stylish wedding invitation video. A font that has all the emblems, symbols, colours, swoops, and additional details should be avoided as it will make your wedding invitations seem busy and very difficult to read. Ensure that you choose easy-to-read fonts to avoid redundancy of design. Choose the right colours for your wedding invitations and keep them simple and light-hearted.
  • Ideate a Unique Ending– We all love amazing videos and clips. You can showcase your vacation, your world tours, your family get-togethers and make them interesting by adding some special shots to the wedding invitation. For example, you can incorporate the best moments of your tour and pack the wedding invitation with highlights from the trip. Why not make it fun and interactive for your guests to follow? Give them some tasks like singing a song or dancing to dance to get their attention. The task is to ask your guest to do something special and unique and reward them with a party gift.

An elegant and creative wedding video invitation is both attractive and memorable. Keeping all the above tips in mind, you can create an outstanding wedding invitation. As a result of this, your wedding invitation will be loved by your guests. In addition to the above, make sure that your wedding invitation videos are not too large, and you might consider making them look more distinctive by adding images.


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