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This is a short yet helpful guide for all the do-it-yourself (DIY) hair-replacement aficionados who want to have a supernaturally dark and thick beard without having to pay a steep price. It was written by an expert hair-replacement practitioner whose name is Mattieu van der Goes. He used to practice on his patients and now shares his experience with readers in this book. He even includes a list of the supplies and equipment that you will need to carry out the dyeing process properly.

Preparing Your Skin

How to prepare your skin: The first step in the process is to cleanse your skin to eliminate any debris that may have stuck to it. Use a natural cleanser made of honey, vinegar, or seawater, to which some amount of alcohol is added. This is essential because your goal is to remove all traces of the dye from your skin. A mask will be applied afterward to remove any dirt. Do this for several days in a row to ensure thorough cleansing.

Choose the Colour

Choose the colour: The next step is to decide which shade you want to use. There are many shades to choose from and this is down to personal preference. Some people use darker shades to make their beards appear thicker and bigger. On the other hand, some use lighter shades to make their beards thinner and more discreet. Once you have chosen the shade, mix it with a small amount of alcohol to make it easier to apply.

Make the Dye

Make the dye: The next step is to mix the alcohol with the dye. Work slowly and carefully, while being very careful to stay away from the eyes. Once you have mixed the two, you can start applying it directly onto the beard and wait till it has dried.

Use a Brush

Use a brush: The next step on how to dye a beard is to use a large brush to apply the Bigen Men’s Beard Colour evenly onto the beard. Do this for several minutes until the entire surface is covered. If you find some areas to be uneven, wait for thirty to forty-five seconds before applying more. Let the dye dry for at least fifteen minutes before continuing.

Decorate the Beard

Decorate: The last step in the process is decorating the beard. For this, you need to first use an alcohol-based beard primer. This will help to seal the color onto your beard. Work carefully with this solution by brushing your beard until it becomes shaggy. Once this process is done, you can then continue to use an alcohol-free beard brush to paint a colourful design or pattern onto your beard. Use multiple colours if you wish to make the pattern more intricate.


How to dye a beard most easily and conveniently? Just follow these three simple steps! First of all, let’s take a look at how to mix alcohols and hair dyes. Then we’ll check how the steps above apply to our situation. Finally, we’ll move on to how to best take care of our newly dyed beard and keep it looking great.

I will show you more effective ways of using hair dye. I will also show you about colouring other parts of your body such as the legs or back. You might also consider learning about using home hair colour kits which only require you to mix a few items like liquid colourants in with your shampoo. There is even a program that will make your homemade hair dye. With these easy and interesting steps, you should easily be able to learn how to dye your hair.


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