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Malwarebytes is security software that protects the system from malware. In the free Malwarebytes setup, users get the basic virus removal and device optimization tools. When the user purchases the Malwarebytes subscription, he will get the advanced tools and services. Malwarebytes anti-malware offers a firewall for network security. But some users get issues while starting the firewall. 

Reasons Behind Malwarebytes Firewall Fails to Start Automatically

  1. An inbuilt firewall is interrupting with Malwarebytes firewall
  2. Malwarebytes program get into some error
  3. Disable the  firewall
  4. Browser junk is interrupting Malwarebytes firewall
  5. The user has made invalid changes on the security tab
  6. The system has accumulated lots of junk

Repairing Malwarebytes Firewall Fails to Start Automatically Error

Restart the Device and Reconnect to the Network

When your Malwarebytes firewall is not working; restart the device. Sometimes the services get into some runtime errors and stop working. Restart the services on the PC. Disconnect the network and then shut it down. Now restart your PC and check the available networks. Connect the PC to your network and check the Malwarebytes firewall. Your firewall will start automatically and protect the system from possible threats. 

Enable the Malwarebytes Firewall Manually

When the firewall is not starting automatically then go to the Malwarebytes dashboard. Open the network security page and then check for the firewall. Toggle the Malwarebytes firewall settings to Enable. Now close the Malwarebytes dashboard and restart the device. Open the browser and check the Malwarebytes firewall is enable automatically or not.

Remove the Browser Junk

Many times, the firewall gets interrupted by browser junk. The user should keep the browser clean to prevent any errors. Malware also targets history files to steal your browsing information and activities. The user must keep his browser free from junk.

  1. On the browser, click on the menu icon
  2. Go to More Tools and open Clear Browsing Data
  3. Choose the beginning of time option

Check the browser junk boxes and tap the clear browsing data. All the junk from the browser will be removed. Reconnect the internet and check the firewall.

Disable Windows Firewall

Your Windows device has an inbuilt firewall. It runs on the PC and inspects the network. But when you are using a personal firewall then you may have to disable it. The firewall can interrupt the Malwarebytes firewall. Go to the settings tab and disable the firewall. Restart the computer when the inbuilt firewall is disabled. Check the Malwarebytes firewall and surf the internet.

Increase the Hard-Disk Space

Many services of Malwarebytes stop working when it can’t get enough RAM and hard disk. When your device has low RAM then you should run fewer processes simultaneously. But when your Malwarebytes is showing error due to low hard-disk then you have to increase the free space. Go to your device and check for all the files and programs which can be removed from the device. Uninstall apps which you are not using currently. After removing some apps, you will get good space on the drive. Now restart the PC and your Malwarebytes services will start working. 

Update your Malwarebytes Firewall Setup

When any of the Malwarebytes tools or services shows errors, check for the new update. Some services stop working when the setup is outdated. On the Apps folder, go to the Malwarebytes; tap on the Update button and wait. Once your setup gets updated, restart the PC and check the firewall. If your Malwarebytes setup is not updating then you should check its program files. Your Malwarebytes won’t update if the program files are corrupted.

The user has to repair the files to run the program. Sometimes, the user deletes a few Malwarebytes program files while cleaning the junk. If you have deleted the files then you can only reinstall the program. Remove the corrupted setup from the computer immediately and also remove all related files. Now go to the Malwarebytes account and reinstall the setup. Now you can use the Malwarebytes firewall easily.

Repair the System Files

When the firewall shows an error while running on the PC; check the system files. When these files are not working, some functions won’t work. You should check the update of your OS. Run the update for the latest version. If your system files are still showing an error after updating, run the SFC/scanner tool. This inbuilt service can fix the system files automatically. After fixing the files, run the firewall of Malwarebytes on the device. 

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