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It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time to grips with playing pool or you’re an experienced player. There are a number of important aspect that can only improve your knowledge and experience but also help you learn. Before diving into the table pool taking the cue stick and striking the balls with no aim This is the initial step to improve your game of pool.

Why not begin by picking the correct cue for your pool to be to be sick?

Here are a few things that can assist you in locating the perfect cue stick that meets your personal requirements and preferences.

  • Cue Tip Diameter

Cue tips are available in various dimensions, and the size of the tip may be a major factor in the game. While Tips for pool cues With smaller diameters, they aid advanced players to 極速娛樂城 put spins to the cue ball referred to as English and larger diameter tips help beginners in catching the balls more quickly.


Cue tips with a big diameter (about 13 millimeters) are usually recommended for beginners. The bigger areas of surface of the tip can help you with getting even the toughest shots. As you improve your pool skills you will be able to experiment with smaller cue tips, and improve your sidespin.


  • Wrap

The linen and leather wraps are readily available, or none at all. Remember that you have to hold the wrap part of the cue in your back hand, meaning that it will come in contact with a significant part of your flesh.


If you sweat frequently and you sweat a lot, a fine leather or linen wrap that is able to absorb lots of fluids is a better choice. You could also try the grip made of rubber, however it’s going to wear down and then become slippery. Avoid naked wood or fibreglass as they will not give you the best grip on your cue , and could slip over time.


  • Cue Stick Weight

Cue sticks also come in various weights. It’s important to take into consideration your level of skill when choosing the weight of your stick, just as when you select the cue tip’s diameter.


Professional billiards players utilize cue sticks that weigh about 19 ounces. However, beginners should choose sticks that are lighter, around 15 ounces when learning to pocket those tricky shots effortlessly. Even if you hit the cue ball off-center the ball is more likely to go towards the exact direction that you want by striking it using a cue stick that is lighter.


  • Cue Length

When you purchase a new pool cue to use in playing, the very first thing to be looking for is a straight cue that is the correct length. It should be the exact length as your arm , allowing the player with total control over your game.


Anyone in the range of 5 to 6 inches could comfortably use a standard two-piece cue that has an overall length of up to 58 inches. People who are taller than this may have to buy a cue which can be up to 60 inches long. A cue of 48 inches or 52 inches is recommended for kids or people of normal height.



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