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The rush in our lives is the reason why we overlook the health of our body parts. The ignorance later returns as ache, discomfort, and injury. One such body part is the “back,” which stays under tremendous pressure throughout the day. 


The back is a group of multiple muscle groups like latissimus dorsi, trapezius, delts, etc. Injury in any of these muscle groups can cause pain. 


On the other hand, sciatica and back pain are often used in place of each other. However, both are different health conditions. 


Irrespective of the differences, strengthening your back can eliminate both conditions. We’ll talk about some daily habits which can damage your back and how you can replace these with better alternatives. 


Reasons You are Experiencing Sciatica and Back Pain

People above 30 are prone to get sciatica or backache, mainly due to the low flexibility of the hip and torso. The lack of flexibility contributes to the stiffness of the muscles, which later affects the sciatic nerve. 


Some notable causes of sciatica are:


  • Injury

If your lower back ever experienced a blow, then the chances are that it can later convert into sciatica or back pain. 


  • Age Factor

With the lower back tolerating all the excessive pressure, the muscles can get weak over time. The bone tissues and muscles have to bear tremendous pressure, which can cause a spinal injury. 


  • Overweight

Being overweight can damage your lower back, as the pressure to maintain a good posture can result in an injury. The weight and back muscles work opposite to each other. Thus, muscles have more tasks if the weight is increased. 


  • Highly Active Routine

If your job demands heavy weight lifting, then your back might be in trouble. On the contrary, if your day starts and ends on the same chair, it can also result in severe back damage. 


  • Poor Form During Exercises

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then you might enjoy going to the gym and lifting heavy. But if your technique and form are incorrect, it can result in severe long-term injuries.


  • Diabetes

Diabetes can damage the nerve system, triggering sciatica. 


  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is another reason for nerve damage and back injuries. 


  • Tobacco

Several studies show that nicotine in tobacco can destroy the bone and spinal tissues.


Tips to Strengthen Back Muscles

We’re aware of what can damage the back muscle; thus, we’ll discuss some tips that can reverse the back damage.


1. Posture

A slacked and slouchy posture can damage your back more than anything else. We tend to overlook the most significant factor which can ruin the back muscle. Whether we sit, stand, walk, run, a solid posture is always a necessity. 


Keep reminding yourself about the posture. A good posture is not about keeping your chest puffed up all the time and feeling like a bodybuilder. Instead, it’s about keeping the shoulder and back in a good position. 


Sometimes, the muscle groups are weak and lack the strength to maintain a good posture. Some exercises can help in strengthening these muscles, which is our next tip. 


2. Exercises

Muscle groups like shoulder, delts, and trapezius are responsible for good posture. You can make these strong with some simple exercises. 


Start with neck stretching, which includes neck revolutions and side-to-side turns. It’s best to use some weight in the training as it works as a resistance which can boost the strength. 


Yoga is also helpful in improving the flexibility and strength of back muscles. 


3. Core Muscles

Apart from aesthetics, core muscles like the abdominal and oblique create stability between lower and upper bodies. A strong core will support the back, preventing sciatica and back problems. 


You can create a cardio session by simply climbing stairs, walking a mile, or jogging in the morning. 


4. Deep Belly Breathing

Deep belly breathing is an effective way to strengthen back muscles and improve stability. You have to inhale and exhale while controlling every breath. 


Apart from strength, it also contributes to the spine’s overall health, reducing pain and stiffness.  


5. Healthy Meals

A healthy diet with protein, fat, micronutrients, and carbs is a great way to maintain the health of your spine. 


Avoid processed food with artificial sweeteners, as it can directly or indirectly impact the back muscles. 


6. Sleep Pattern and Position

A disturbed or unevenly distributed sleep pattern can cause back issues. Ideal hours which are apt for sound sleep are between 11 P.M to 6 in the morning. Thus, it would be best if you took a 6 to 8-hour rest during these hours. 


Apart from sleep patterns, the sleeping position is also crucial. A wrong sleeping position can put your back in a vulnerable state. 


7. Physical Therapy

If the back pain persists and you can fix it with these tips, your final choice is to consult a physical therapist. Physical therapy is among the safest treatments with no side effects. 


The therapist will do an evaluation, which will determine the severity and cause of back pain. After a thorough examination, the therapist prepares a proper therapy plan according to your needs.


Physical therapy is the best way to get relief from back pain in Detroit, MI. 



Back pain can disrupt the daily routine; thus, it’s best to take safety measures before the back pain gets severe. You can consult a physical therapist if you can’t get back pain relief in Detroit, MI. 



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