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The laptop and Smartphone is where we spending our most of the time on working, watching movies, online classes and so on. Considering the cause of Covid 19, today many schools and colleges are come up with a new concept called Online classes. Here, students needs to attend classes, taking exams through online with their computers, innorder to maintain social distance. It also known as Digital or virtual education.

Sometimes you feel that some display of the computer is smaller. Wait I have an idea!, why don’t you connect your laptop to Smart TV for online classes?

Are you confused? Let me tell you in detail.

1. How to connect your laptop to your big screen? The biggest advantage of attending online classes from small screen to big screen, is that you will get effective view and it will enhances the look of display. Its like your second laptop display.

Smart TV is getting smarter like your smartphone. HDMI plays a vital role to make connection from your laptop to big screen. It is so reliable and effective. This is what many people use their big TV screen to play games and attend office meeting.

Pros: In HDMI, You will get better picture features and signal.

Cons: HDMI cable connection can be irritatingl because it has limited distance and it is very expensive.

2. Why you need to prefer big screen for your learning purpose? Small screen can be uncomfortable for many users, that they can’t see screen properly. Like some laptop display are not big enough for personal or professional purpose. The visibility of content is more important for students. If screen is more big, we can connect it psychologically and grasp things very fast. Especially for online classes or any other educational purpose, it is so important to analyse the content what your screen is displaying. It helps you to interact more effectively than your phone.

3. Will you connect Smart TV in your classroom? Like I mentioned in the above, LED TV or any big screen will be more effective for e-learning. If you are teacher, we know you have used projectors for presentation. Today, the things have changed a lot. Some government facilitates Smart TV to many schools and colleges. The concept of digital education or online classes must be more effective in large screen rather than computer or laptop. By connecting LED TV for online classes will be much more effective and can be engage large number of students and connect them emotionally. So that they can easily interact in long distance.

4. Can you install Zoom app in Big Screen for online classes Zoom app is very effective when it comes to video conferencing, meeting and engage more number of people in a single panel. You usually connect on small screen like phone, laptops or PC. What if you install Zoom app on your Big screen? that’s so highly effective
and exciting right?

But the question is how? To connect Zoom app on Smart TV, all you need is to install Aptoide APK. There you can access Zoom cloud app on your Smart TV store. For more details you can refer some youtube videos.

5. Can your Smart TV supports engineering tools for learning? You might question yourself that does Smart TV can support some educational tools? Ofcourse yes, such tools like Circuit design, MATLAB, Logic gate designs, Schneider, and many more. Those tools are supported by any 4GB Android device. Somehow LED TV has come up with advanced high technology, so that they can support all your learning tools.

Smart TV is not only designed for entertainment purpose but also the advanced technology in LED TV helps students to watch educational projects as well. Rather than choosing small screen, big screen TV is much more effective and reliable.


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