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Carpets are still a trendy alternative for interior design. They combine many styles of furnishing, creating interesting contrasts and improving the comfort of different living spaces.

Let’s Find Them Out

Jute rugs are an environmentally friendly and biodegradable addition to the home environment. Composed of vegetable fibers, this strong natural material rivals cotton in use and importance. If you have a jute rug in your home it is important to keep it clean, although conventional cleaning methods do not apply when it comes to jute as water can easily break down and destroy. Keeping this in mind, cleaning burlap is actually pretty straightforward if you are careful.

As with any election that takes place, knowing your lights and shadows is important. Natural rugs have a series of advantages and disadvantages which we will explain to you here, to help you in your decision. But, let’s first see what we mean when we talk about “natural carpet”.

What do we mean by natural carpet?

When we talk about natural rugs, we are referring to rugs made of natural fibers such as jute, a benchmark material. Jute rugs have a rustic look that is popular in all types of environment.

The manufacture of this type of carpet is carried out in several countries using different techniques: braiding, sewing, knotting, etc. The technique or techniques used determine the thickness, resistance, softness of each carpet as well as its aesthetics.

The advantages of natural jute fiber rugs

  • Their “sand” colors go with everything. Even those with designs are extremely discreet.
  • These natural rugs are hairless making them ideal summer rugs. They do not accumulate heat and are able to regulate the humidity of the environment. Moreover, they are also perfect for other seasons.
  • Their manufacturing process makes each jute rug a unique and totally original piece.
  • These natural rugs are completely ecological and biodegradable.
  • Natural jute-based rugs are cheaper than traditional rugs.
  • Jute rugs require little care and maintenance. Very resistant to torsion, they are therefore suitable for areas of passage or high traffic, such as the living room.
  • You can find a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors of this type of rug: from traditional tones of beige or brown, to cherry, black or even pink.


Long, narrow rectangular rugs are recommended for hallways. They are also ideal for rooms where you want to create a feeling of larger space. Thus, these models of rugs are often seen in small to medium sized rooms. They can be placed in the corner of the sofa and coffee table, as well as in the dining area of ​​the living room (as long as the table is rectangular).


Square rugs can be perfect under a coffee table. They are generally used for small rooms although they can easily and without problems find their place in rectangular rooms.


The purpose of using round rugs is to highlight a specific area. They are very common in bedrooms, at each corner of the bed or in the center. In addition, children love them because they are perfect to play on.


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