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Clear aligners like Invisalign are overwhelmingly popular all over the world and the UK is no exception. These modern teeth straightening technologies are fast coming up as an excellent alternative to traditional metal braces. When you undergo orthodontic treatments under a skilled and technically sound orthodontist you can expect stunning results. In many cases, desired results are delivered in less than a year. And the fact that is even more amazing is stunning results arrive fast with people barely noticing that your trays.

However, on the negative side, a few mild side effects may appear with the clear braces systems including Invisalign. Let us take a look at those side effects in the following section.

Common side effects of clear aligners

Discomfort and inconvenience – the transparent plastic trays are smooth and are shaped according to the contours of your teeth. Yet there are high chances that the aligners can irritate your gums, lips, and tongue. However, you get used to it in course of time. The intensity of discomfort is usually not higher than a constant awareness that something in the mouth is different. Thankfully this problem subsides automatically in a few days. Even Invisalign attachments can make you conscious of their presence and make you suffer from discomfort. What are aligners? These are clear tiny bumps that facilitate retainer trays grip and move the teeth better.

Attachments mostly create discomfort that is felt at the lips and the cheeks. These may also lead to minor ulceration in the mouth. All these inconveniences occur at the beginning while your mouth is still adjusting to all these appliances.

Lisp in speech – when you are on Invisalign, a thin layer of plastic covers your teeth. As a result, you may develop a lisp in your speech. This problem is pretty common and there is nothing to worry about. It subsides on its own in a few days. The best way to resolve the problem is to keep trying to deliver your normal speech wearing the aligner trays so that the tongue gets used to working around the aligners. While attending an important seminar, meeting, presentation, or phone call you can take out the aligner. Just remember to wear it right back so that the treatment goes in the right direction smoothly.

Allergies – the aligner trays are made of high-quality plastic that is completely free from any type of toxin or hazardous component. It is indeed rare to have any kind of allergic reaction from the invisible trays.

Bad breath – the aligner trays are worn over the teeth such that they prevent saliva from washing over the mouth. This may lead to the conditions of dry mouth and bad breath. In order to avoid these issues, keep drinking water at short and regular intervals throughout the day. Moreover, brush your teeth properly twice a day. It is important to keep the plastic aligners clean from trapped food particles and harmful bacteria build-up.

Biting – many patients discover to their wonder that they are habitually biting the inner cheek with the progress of the treatment. This occurs mostly because the patients are still getting used to a new bite. Moreover, they are yet to adjust to the new, improved position of their teeth. Thankfully this issue too gets sorted out on its own within a few days.

Advantages of discreet braces

Invisible or hidden inside the mouth – the clear, transparent trays are undeniably discreet. The aligners are designed with the aim to enable you to smile and laugh freely without being self-conscious about how the teeth appear.

Easily removable – you can easily and effortlessly remove the trays from the mouth while eating, drinking, addressing an important meeting or phone call. You can also take out the trays while brushing or flossing the teeth. Unlike conventional braces this allows you to maintain optimum oral hygiene during the treatment days. You can wear the trays back with equal ease once your activity is over. Just make sure to wear the trays for at least 20 to 22 hours a day to ensure desired and timely results.

Efficiency – mild cases of misalignment of the teeth are sorted out through Invisalign as fast as in 6 months. The average time that cutting-edge technology takes to solve cases is as little as a year. Your Invisalign provider will give you a tentative date of treatment completion during your first consultation. In fact, you will notice the changes in the appearance of the teeth in just about 6 weeks.

Ease and convenience – invisible plastic aligners require much lesser follow-up appointments compared to conventional braces. Moreover, the appointment times are also much shorter.

Clear aligners technology – does it suit your right?

If you want to correct crooked or misalignment teeth problems without involving metal brackets and wires that have been in use over the ages as a convention, then Invisalign can be an ideal option. The cutting-edge treatment does not only gives you a straighter and brighter smile but also boosts your confidence to a great extent to usher in a drastic positive change in your overall personality. The most assured to ascertain whether you are a suitable candidate for it is to contact us to book an initial appointment with our specialist orthodontist. As a renowned Invisalign provider in London, we have successfully handled lots of these cases successfully.

Invisalign treatment cost

The cost of Invisalign treatment varies from the case it case. The exact cost is calculated depending on several factors. Mainly the cost depends on:

  • How much straightening of the teeth is required and
  • The kind of preparations that are needed before treating a particular patient

Teeth straightening using conventional braces costs somewhere around £1500 to £3000. Roughly Invisalign will cost you as much or a little more depending on your exact conditions as mentioned above. So, why is the invisible braces treatment so widely preferred?

Invisalign saves from a lot of hassles and complexities compared to conventional braces. The cost for Invisalign in London or for that matter anywhere else in the world is not the factor that makes the technology so uniquely popular. It is an efficient and silent procedure that does not let the world know you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment.

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