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How expandable is a store gadget? This is one of the most essential questions on the subject of choosing a system. Every device claims to have the exceptional and handiest expandability. In this blog post, I provide a perception into the world of plugin development at Shopware 6 and also give the underlying thoughts and concepts of our plugin machine.

Well-Established Standards

Our goal for the Shopware 6 plugin system turned into in an effort to provide the identical flexible expandability as in Shopware 5, whilst additionally making some enhancements to the plugin machine as such. The developer revel in was very vital to us right from the begin. In shopware 6 migration, we offer you, the developer, equipment, and utilities that assist you to create your very own extension in just a few steps. 


We are aware that Shopware is just one in all many structures that want to be adapted to your needs. That’s why some other considered one of our targets for shopware migration and the plugin device was to hold the studying curve as flat as feasible. To that end, we depend on properly-established standards. A developer who already has earlier information of Vue.Js or Symfony, as an example, can straight away start developing their personal extension without lots specialist knowledge. We use the following requirements:






Vue.Js, Vue Router, vue-i18n & VueX

SCSS as a CSS pre-processor



Bootstrap incl. JQuery

EcmaScript 6 Vanilla JavaScript

SCSS as a CSS pre-processor

Automated assessments and exceptional guarantee



Cypress and Jest


All of those technology are effectively utilized by heaps of developers round the world and are very well documented. Whether it’s inside the shape of legit documentations, on Stack Overflow, or in numerous tutorials and weblog posts; developers offer an wonderful quantity of informative resources. This in flip enables remedy troubles or solution questions, and simplifies the development system.

Symfony Console

We also provide numerous console commands to make matters less complicated for you and to boom your productiveness. Whether you want to create plugins or topics, or truely clear the cache – those beneficial instructions simplify your work tactics. 


As an instance, I would like to show you a way to generate a brand new topic:


$ bin/console theme:create MyNewTheme


The required documents and the entire folder structure are mechanically created for you, so that you can start growing a new subject matter proper away.


Once you’ve got activated the subject (which, by the way, is likewise viable via a console command), we automatically integrate your new theme into our pipeline so that no in addition changes are important on your element. Simply recompile the subject matter – and your styles end up visible.

Developer Experience

The revel in won via builders whilst growing a topic or plugin is critical. The extra absolutely and with no trouble the improvement can be embedded into present workflows, the extra efficient builders may be. That’s why developer enjoy doesn’t quit with console instructions.


Whether you’re inside the storefront or management – we provide a so-referred to as “Hot Module Replacement” mode. When you have saved your changes in the improvement environment, the modifications are mechanically identified and reflected without delay in the browser (whether or not you’re using JavaScript or SCSS). There’s no want with a purpose to rebuild complete programs or refresh the browser. This notably will increase the rate of improvement.


The administration is in which store operators spend most of their day. It’s consequently crucial to make sure a consistent design and behaviour all through the utility. To do so, we’ve built our very own element library with a total of more than 230 appropriate components for every software. Global nation control and dependency management are also to be had. This makes handling the programs and the usage of numerous services a good deal less difficult.


In order to simplify the developer’s paintings in the administration as nicely, it automatically generates records fashions based totally on the defined entities inside the machine. Duplicate protection of the entities, as you may know from other structures, is not important. The Changeset Generator is equally green: Only records that has been modified by means of the consumer is sent to the server. As a result, we were able to reduce the volume of statistics significantly and boom the system’s overall performance.


We’ve completed a whole lot of work to make shopware 6 migration services a plugin device that isn’t best powerful and allows you to put into effect your ideas and commercial enterprise practices, but additionally clean to use and convenient for builders to develop.


I would really like to ask you to have a better have a look at the plugin machine. At this 12 months’s digital SCD, Sebastian Seggewiß and I gave a 30-minute talk on the topic, wherein we take a closer study the plugin device and offer you with similarly statistics.


Would you like to recognize extra about the topic of plugin improvement? Then I distinctly advocate our developer documentation. Here you’ll discover publications and tutorials that explain the way to personalize the diverse regions of Shopware on your wishes. They also offer you with a much deeper insight into the overall system.


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