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This article might look like it is only for those who believe in horoscope, because we know that everyone does not. But that doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t get a little information about a related topic. As most people might be aware, horoscopes have gemstones for each one of them. They bring about different qualities in life. It is believed (and also proven in many cases) that wearing that particular gemstone brings luck, harmony, peace, wealth and health into the life of the person. Some people choose to wear it in the form of rings or pendants or bracelets, while some simply prefer keeping the gem as a stone itself with them in their wallet or purses or just with the at all times. However, scientifically, it has been said that it is beneficial to have the stone touch one’s skin so as to being about direct positive effects in their life.

So to talk about diamonds, and that too coloured ones, let us first understand which zodiac signs are supposed to wear diamonds. Libra and Virgo are advised to wear diamonds, while Aries, Pisces and Scorpio are usually advised against it as they might experience disharmony in their life.

Diamonds represent nobility, virtue of character, honesty peace. So is it a good idea to wear buy them according to your horoscope? Of course, yes. Astrology and horoscopes isn’t a new field at all. It was found and researched centuries ago and since then people have been following it with obvious positive effects and negative effects in case of any blunder with wearing the stones. When it comes to diamonds, no horoscope mentions a colored diamonds hatton garden, possibly because they weren’t very common back then when the faculty of Astrology was being studied. So most of them mean white diamonds when they mention diamonds, however, if you wish to add a little variety to your birth stone, then it can be done keeping a few things in mind.

Each colour may be as a result of different chemical elements, but apart from that scientific logic, each colour also represents certain qualities that may reflect in your life if you wear them.

  • Red and pink diamonds symbolise strength, passion, confidence and power
  • Orange diamonds symbolise courage, enthusiasm and vigour
  • Brown diamonds symbolise stability, clarity and order
  • Yellow diamonds symbolise humility, happiness, cordiality
  • Green diamonds symbolise youthfulness, oneness with nature, abundance and prosperity
  • Blue diamond’s symbolise spirituality, peace, chastity, devotion
  • Black diamonds symbolise energy and action
  • White diamonds symbolise purity and holiness.

Each colour has its unique qualities and strengths that they pass on to you when you wear them. So keeping that in mind, people whose horoscopes advise them to wear diamonds, Libras and Virgos basically, can choose a colour accordingly. Some people also choose a combination of coloured diamonds in order to get multiple benefits and also make their jewellery look super cute too. Be sure to consult an astrologer or a horoscope expert if you want to choose such Wedding rings hatton garden, especially if you are spiritual and a believer in astrology because then you’d rather want to do it the right way.

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