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Though a Hair transplant can be performed in any season, winter is the most preferable season for a hair transplant because you can avoid excessive sweating, Wear a cap to cover your new graft. Wearing a cap while going outside protects your hair transplant from UV rays, but it is highly uncomfortable to wear a cap in summer. That’s why people prefer the winter season over summer for hair transplants. However, In winter you need to follow the post-operative guidelines provided by your hair transplant surgeon for better healing and desirable outcome.

Through result does not depend upon the season, but patients feel convenient in winter than summer. Irrespective of season patient need to follow doctors advise

Hair Transplant in winter season

The season is not specific for hair grafting, but winter can be a good choice for you. The positive part of the winter season is that patients may wear covering material if they feel a lack of confidence with newly grafted hair. With a cover, they feel confident, walk without getting conscious. The approach is very simple yet effective. It is equally comfortable and easy with no external hazards.

Wearing a cap in winter protects your hair from intensive sun exposure to UV A and UV B. These rays are highly harmful to new hair grafts. You should protect your hair transplant from sun rays as it can slow down the complete healing process. Hair transplant surgeons often advise using sun protection equipment that needs to be worn while going out for several hours.

You won’t face complications in winters as the weather does not affect the treatment/ So a hair transplant in winter is absolutely a good choice and advisable for patients belong to the summer region.

After a hair transplant in winter, you can see the result of fullness and thickening within a few months. Your new hair is prepared for any occasion. You can see the visible results just within a few months/

Essential points need to be remembered:

  • The most important thing that needs to mention that hair can be shaded in winter more comfortably than in any other season. Also, we can include that our scalp is drier in winter rather than in summer another season. But you have to cover your scalp very carefully, otherwise, there will be possibilities for the roots to break. If you cover your hair in summer, it may lead to intensive sweating. Also, you may experience intense hair losses. To avoid hair, fall problems after hair graft, take good care of hair and follow post-operative protocol given by your doctor.
  • Some people believe that hair should not be washed in winter; It is a complete myth. You need to take care of newly grafted hair every season to keep the hair hygienic, free from fungal infection. If you do not wash your hair routinely after a hair transplant with medicated shampoo, you may face serious complications, your new hair gets weaker and roots become fragile
  • Many hair transplant surgeons advise wearing protective hairstyles which won’t hinder complete hair growth. Do not recommend any tight hairstyle it may lead to hair fall, weakness of the root. So, follow a hairstyle that would not hurt your transplant. Haircare is essential for desirable outcomes.

Before going under the knife you have to find out an authentic clinic for hair transplant. You can take the help of hair transplant clinic in Dubai where leading hair transplant surgeons examine your hair quality and scalp and suggest better treatment for you. In Dubai, Hair transplant clinics follow surgical and non-surgical hair transplant procedures. A doctor will recommend you according to your concern. They will give you pre-and post operative protocol that needs to be followed. It is essential for your healing and recovery process. The recovery phase or downtime is another important face after a hair transplant.

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