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Bones are the solid structure that provides stiffness to the body and also a movement which we need to do routine work. With continuous use, bones may become weak if care is not provided. It began to disintegrate as calcium gets absorbed in the blood. Weak bones can get injured and catch disease easily. The best solution is to consult an orthopedic doctor for immediate medication. He will diagnose and try to treat the issue with medicines at first then recommend surgery if things don’t get better. The most common complaint by patients especially old age people is joint pain. There are many reasons which led to joint tenderness and inflammation. The reason could be an injury or a disease that causes wear and tear. Such conditions may exuberate due to carelessness and ignorance.

Why do you need joint replacement surgery?

Joints are the most used part of the body, they bear weight, stress, and helps in motion. With time joints become weak and are more prone to get the disease. In the crucial condition when joint pain is severe and unbearable it may affect the movement or cause immobility. When a joint is damaged too much, orthopedic surgeons recommend joint replacement surgery to bring back mobility.

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What happens in joint replacement surgery?

For joint replacement, the damaged cartilage or bone is cut off and replaced with an artificial or prosthetic joint. These components are made of plastic, metal or ceramic. Carefully designed to imitate the movement of the natural joint and ensure smooth gliding so nothing can hinder motion.

Successful joint replacement surgeries

Here are mentioned 6 successful joint replacement surgeries conducted by an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore:

Knee joint replacement surgery


Knee joint works like a hinge joint. It joins thigh bone to the shin bone giving our legs the ability to bend and stretch. The femur is the thigh bone while the tibia is the shin bone. Patella or kneecap covers the knee joint. Tendons, ligaments and muscles let the joint move smoothly.


The reason behind knee replacement surgery is the wear and tear of knee joint components especially cartilage. Cartilage ensures smooth gliding without friction. When the pain is unbearable and no other medicine prove workable, knee replacement surgery is prescribed by surgeons. Moreover, diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis became a reason for replacement surgery.


Knee injury doctors in Lahore carefully diagnose the damage and decide whether to go for partial joint replacement or total replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery is done following few important steps:

  • The joint is prepared for replacement by carefully removing damaged cartilage attached to the ends of the tibia and femur. A little bone is also cut off in the procedure.
  • Prosthetic or artificial joint components are implanted recreating joint surface. The parts are of plastic, metal and ceramic, cemented in place with specially made bone cement.
  • Then patella resurfacing take place by cutting the surface beneath the patella or kneecap and replaced with a plastic button. This part of the procedure depends on the condition of the patient.
  • Lastly, a spacer is inserted between the components resurfaced to help glide smoothly. The spacer is made of plastic.

Hip replacement surgery


A junction between the two legs and torso are hip bones. It connects the upper body with the legs. The structure of hip bone includes thigh bone also known as femur and pelvis. The pelvis is further comprised of three bones namely the pubis, ischium and ilium. The hip joint is like a ball and socket joint with a ball at the head of a femur and socket created by the acetabulum.

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Hip replacement surgery is a complete solution to ease hip joint pain and disability to move. Reasons to opt for such replacement procedures are numerable but the most crucial one is osteoarthritis that causes cartilage damage and ultimately loss in the hip motion. Such damage is quite painful when moving, sitting, standing or walking.


It’s a long procedure consuming hours to be completed. An incision is made on the front or side of the hip cutting open the tissues and muscles in the way to expose the damaged part of the hip bone. Healthy bone is left at its place while damaged or diseased parts are removed. The socket in the pelvic bone is replaced with a prosthetic part. Here the prosthetic ball connects to the stem. This stem is immersed in the thighbone to fix the ball over the femur and make sure the joint is stable. The remarkable hip replacement surgeon in Pakistan are working continuously and studying modern methods of hip replacement surgery. They are striving to find a way to do such surgeries with minimal incision.

Shoulder joint replacement surgery


The shoulder joint is also a ball and socket that joins the scapula to the humerus (upper arm bone). It’s the major connection between limbs and the upper body. The shoulder joint is a very stable and mobile joint found in our body. Moreover, it is more prone to damage when we pick up heavy things with the wrong posture.

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Osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, rotator cuff tear, rheumatoid arthritis are some of the reasons that lead to shoulder replacement surgery. The affected joint can become more painful if remained untreated. To ease intolerable pain shoulder replacement surgery is mandatory. The placement of prosthetic parts brings back your strength increasing the range of your shoulder movement. Moreover, it helps to relieve the pain that you are continuously bearing.


The same happens in this replacement surgery. The surgeon cut open the skin and underlying muscles to expose the shoulder joint. They remove damaged cartilage or bone to put in prosthetic components made of metal, plastic and ceramic. Treatment relies on two options either to replace the ball on the end of the humerus bone or substitute both ball and socket for accurate functioning of joint.


Orthopedic surgeons in Lahore provide services regarding joint replacement surgery. it is better to get your joint replaced instead of bearing pain. If you want to lead a normal yet active life with ease of body movement give care to your bones. And if things get worse, without any delay consult your orthopedics for treatment before you lose mobility.


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