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Business presentation is an interesting thing, but unfortunately, most people take it as an examination. They have countless anxiety issues, and they want to get rid of them or escape from giving a business presentation. However, on the other hand, some people enjoy interacting with seniors and clients through a presentation.

Before you move further, know the 5 P’s of the Presentation

There is a 5 P’s trick for the perfect presentation. If you master this trick, you can achieve the heights of your career. Understanding the ‘Five P’s’ formula can help you in this direction.

The five P’s mean –

  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Practice
  • Perform and
  • Post-mortem means keeping on all details

Learn this formula while preparing a presentation and half of your work is done. It is a good idea to ask yourself some questions when you prepare the outline of the presentation. It should be clear what you want to convey to the audience. At the beginning of the presentation, introduce facts, figures and pictures in the middle. Present the conclusion at the end.


Body language is very important

As usually, people get nervous during the presentation before everything, one should work on body language. It is a big issue if your body language shows nervousness or lack of confidence in your product or presentation. In that case, the other people sitting in the meeting do not take your words seriously. When you talk, try to maintain eye contact with all the people in turn.

Programmed your voice tone professionally.

If you complete your presentation in a single tone, it becomes boring. During the presentation, pay close attention to the body language and the fluctuations of the voice. If you want to emphasize more or attract other people’s attention, then say it with a little emphasis. Remember that your voice also affects your presentation to a great extent. Repeated rehearsals are vital to adding perfection to the tone.

Relate with the common life

The presentation should never sound hypothetical with no possible real-life conclusion. After all, your business is all about serving people and clients from the actual world. Touch their daily routine concerns. No high standard philosophy and no unrealistic commitments because that can brings your business presentation under threat. Just talk about what the world out there needs and how can your company provide it. After all, the end-users have very common and generic expectations.

Always take the opinion of others

The presentation does not mean that only one person keeps on speaking and others listen to him. Such a presentation is boring. In a short time, the interest of the people decreases, and they do not even listen to many things. To make a presentation effective, you should take the opinion of other people sitting in the meeting. With this, the meeting members will also be interested in your words and can know their reactions quickly.

Stay focused on the point

Distraction is the worst situation during a presentation. For example, you are a finance company that needs to present the challenges of the online money lenders in Ireland after the pandemic. If you start talking about the before pandemic conditions too much in the name of comparison, it is not good. Just talk about the after-effects to get the right solution to the current situation. Some people deviate from the issue when they give the presentation. Take special care that you stay on the issue during the entire presentation. Apart from this, try to finish the presentation within the given time limit.

Never keep looking at the slides

It is among the most common issues. As we know, some people look at the slide again and again during the presentation. That makes the audience feel left out. Try to read only the main points in the drops. Then explain it to people without looking at the slide. It shows that you have a very clear concept and also the confidence to convey it to others. It also holds an important place.

Keep PowerPoint presentation simple and understandable

The PowerPoint presentation should be simple and in understandable language. A business gets clients from varied backgrounds. It is better to apply a simple approach for everyone because that is understandable for a scholar and a farmer. Use facts and figures but categorise them to sound and look easy. Use graphics but only to simplify things and not to create only a colourful rainbow in the PPT.

The use of examples should be appropriate

Relatable examples always make a presentation interesting and catch the attention of the audience. While talking about yourself, you keep giving examples in between. It is always vital for people to understand the matter more. They can listen to the whole thing by showing interest in your words. Give examples with every point, and then you will not have to struggle to explain your point.

Some quick keys for a successful business presentation

Here are some quick ways to give your presentation successfully and achieve a big success in life. Read the points below and get better at your professional skills.

Make the topic easy and move in the proper sequence. The answers to questions like what, why, how, when, and where should be available when your presentation completes.

During the presentation, keep in mind the prescribed time limit. Extending the subject makes the presentation boring. It is also unnecessary for a professional.

Select the option of PowerPoint Presentation if the facility is available. PowerPoint presentation helps in presenting information and facts like a film with the help of technology.

It is considered that colourful pictures and fonts attract people, but it is not so. Good and expressive images and creative use of fonts can also make the presentation attractive.

Just like the strong starting, the ending of the presentation should be good.

In the end, cover the whole topic and always end the presentation on a positive note.


As you can read above, giving a business presentation is not an arduous task. Attention to the points mentioned above is sufficient to make people understand your words. However, it is not something that one can master the first time. The repeated presentations help polish the skills and become better and then best in the field.

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